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Art Gallery/Museum Information - Recommended Exhibitions in January 2024

We feature the exhibitions of art galleries and museums in January 2024. In addition to the schedule of events, we will provide you with detailed information, such as the works on display. Before your visit, please check each museum's website for the current opening hours.


【ADF Web Magazine】An architecture firm Batlleiroig desinged Ecodistrict laMercedes in Barcelona

An architecture firm Batlleiroig proudly introduces Ecodistrict laMercedes, a project to reactivate an old Mercedes-Benz factory in Barcelona.


【ADF Web Magazine】TreCe’s Recycling Furniture System “KLOSS” Designed by Kauppi & Kauppi

Designed by Kauppi & Kauppi for TreCe, KLOSS is a new modular recycling furniture system inspired by kids' building blocks that will launch at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023 during Stockholm Design Week.


【ADF Web Magazine】 RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Received the Design Award at SIA Architectural Design Awards 2023

RSP Architects Planners & Engineers (Pte) Ltd (RSP), a global multidisciplinary architectural and engineering design group with over 65 years of experience building alongside Singapore, proudly received the Design Award at The Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Architectural Design Awards 2023.


【ADF Web Magazine】Winner of Category Workplace Small at the World Architecture Festival 2023 Office “Link Lab” by Stay Stud

Link Lab creative offices, located on the Veemarkt in Kortrijk (Belgium) on the second floor of a mixed-use high-rise, designed by Stay Studio & Markland Architects won the category Workplace Small in the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2023. A commercial space that had been vacant for 10 years was repurposed by the design team as office space and creative platform. Several creative agencies find their workspace here: from urban planners (Dencity), to architects for large developments (Markland), to designers of private homes (US), and interior designers (Stay Studio).


【ADF Web Magazine】Pied-a-Terre With a Lot of Wood in Kyiv, Ukraine

Yana Molodykh presents the design of a typical Pied-à-Terre apartment for a family living in a Kyiv suburb. As a family that often comes to the city center on weekends to immerse themselves in social and cultural life, the apartment offers a comfortable environment for time spent with family and friends.


【ADF Web Magazine】 Angsila Oyster Scaffolding Pavilion by Chat Architects Won World Architecture Festival 2023 in the Inter

Chat Architects unveils its new project, the Angsila Oyster Scaffolding Pavilion, located off the coast of the historic Angsila fishing village in Chonburi Province, Thailand, which is World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2023 winner in the International Building Beauty, Special Prize category.


【ADF Web Magazine】GEDY Launches ISIDE Bathroom Accessories

GEDY launches ISIDE Bathroom Accessories that represent an aesthetically successful design combining a full area with an unusual projection. The soap dish evoking a milled pebble can also be used in the bathroom as a bowl for storing jewelry. Pleasant to the touch thanks to the smooth surface, made of polyresin with an admixture of sand for stability, and in black with chrome, the ISIDE accessories are absolutely stunning. It is especially suitable for a spa-style bathroom.


【ADF Web Magazine】MU Architecture Designed “Suite 201” that Moves with the History of Montreal

Located on the iconic rue de la Commune in Montreal, Suite 201 is a pied-à-terre in the historical and coveted area of Old Montreal. Facing the Saint Lawrence River, the old buildings on this street witnessed the birth of the city nearly 400 years ago.


【ADF Web Magazine】 The 14th DesignTO Festival Will Open in a Month in Toronto, Canada

The 14th annual DesignTO Festival kicks off in just over a month. Running from January 19 to January 28, 2024, the Festival showcases over 100 free events including window installations, tours, talks, and exhibitions by over 300 artists and designers across the city of Toronto.


【ADF Web Magazine】 PietriArchitectes desined An Open Door to the Mediterranean La Porte Bleue

PietriArchitectes agency presents Porte Bleue, a tourist residence and accommodation in Marseille, France. The 414 white concrete vaults that make up the facade of the tower give an arborescent design and open the view to the Mediterranean in subtle architectural poetry.


【ADF Web Magazine】Industry of All Nations Unveils a Modern Wood Pavilion Integrated into the Rugged Natural Landscape

Industry of All Nations (IOAN), a research, design, and development office committed to sustainable production designed and created The Landing House, a modern wood pavilion integrated into the rugged natural landscape of the Mojave Desert, against the backdrop of California’s Joshua Tree National Park.


【ADF Web Magazine】Buro Ole Scheeren Wins International Competition for Tencent’s Global Headquarters

In an iconic design synthesizing technological innovation with architectural vision, Büro Ole Scheeren reveals Tencent Helix – its winning vision for the global headquarters of tech powerhouse Tencent in Shenzhen.


Art Gallery/Museum Information - Recommended Exhibitions in December 2023

We feature the exhibitions of art galleries and museums in December 2023. In addition to the schedule of events, we will provide you with detailed information, such as the works on display. Before your visit, please check each museum's website for the current opening hours.


Two Paper Houses by LUO studio

Following Cardboard-formed Exhibition Space 1.0 (the setting for "Back to the Future: Breaking the Time Barrier" exhibition at the Power Station of Art, 2021) and the Cardboard-formed Exhibition Space 2.0 (the exhibition space for Xinyang Book Market: Books 'N Tea, 2023), curator Zuo Jing again worked with LUO studio to continue exploration into the sustainable design practices of constructing exhibition space with corrugated cardboards. This project is the version 3.0 of cardboard-formed exhibition space, which comprises two unique “paper houses” designed for the exhibition debut at the Båt Odes to the Land in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.


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