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【ADF News】Buissiness tie-up with FORM

18 10 18 UP

NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) recently signed a business tie-up contract with Fondazione Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C Della Provincia di Milano (FOAM) in Milan, Italy to interact with architects and designers of both parties. As a result of this cooperation, ADF will encourage opportunities to train Japanese and Italian architects and designers, improve the social status of them, and interact with each other. From now on, ADF will continue to provide a higher quality of design information than ever before.


ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019

18 10 13 UP

ADF is decided to exhibit showcase in “Milano Salone”, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition held once a year in Milano, Italy in 2019.  We invite the design worldwide for the “ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019 ”.  


ADF-ASA Design Award 2019

18 09 21 UP

We are pleased to announce that NPO Aoyama Design Forum will be offering our first co-sponsored award,“ADF Design Award 2019”, with the cooperation of The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA).
The theme of the award is “Restructuring the Asian Depopulating Community Through Architecture”. In some regional communities in Asian countries, depopulation has become a serious problem. Considering the way the residents are living in the areas and the way these existing communities should be, how do you think you can help rebuild the area as a sustainable community through architecture? There is no limit to age or nationality for application.
For more information please click the ”Details". We are looking forward to your innovative ideas!


Milano News September 2018

18 09 27 UP

We have received a report supporting by GARDE!
In this month’s Milan trend report, we will introduce restaurants. “FUD Bottega Sicula”, apopular hamburger shop has its third store in the Navigli of Milan. And “GUD”, opened on the Eustachi street which you can feel deep Milan sticks to natural materials.


Thailand News October 2018

18 10 04 UP

We have received a report supporting by GARDE!
In this month’s Thailand report, a new luxury hotel “Waldorf Astoria” under the Hilton’s group will be introduced to you. Andre Fu who designed restaurant of Shangri-La hotel Tokyo and his group, AFSO designed the hotel space. And the Champagne bar on the top floor of the hotel is designed by AvroKO from New York.