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We support creators to make the best of their talent in various situations to succeed in each field.

Business Consulting Service

◍ PR Service
New and various value criteria have arisen with the time change. According to that, the creators need to cover a greater variety of fields. That is where PR becomes more important. Effective PR broadens the creator’s stage where one can influence many values. In this day and age, anyone can speak out their own words towards the world. That is exactly why ADF is confident in utilizing our own network to make an effective PR activity, which leads to the creation of new value.

- Press release distribution
- Organize a PR event
- Organize a symposium
- External relationship activities
- PR staff office
- Local government/Association/Organization PR

◍ Planning Service
Creator’s ideas and inspirations have the power to change the world. However, great ideas and inspirations don’t mean a thing unless it is recognized. ADF will work with you from a one-shot order to a medium and long-term plan which will give your ideas and inspirations a chance to shine and eventually leads you to success.

- Marketing activity planning
- Branding planning
- Promotion planning

◍ Event Organization service
What makes an event a success? Attendance of a bunch of people? The most important thing to make an event succeed is to be appealing. ADF will organize an event with a topical theme that will draw high-attention and eventually will speak to the heart of the attendees.

- Seminar
- Demonstration
- Presentation/Exhibition
- Reception Party

◍ Supporting Service
Being creative and active by him/herself, a creator also needs to deal with other miscellaneous businesses at the same time. ADF will carry out your miscellaneous business on your behalf so that you can concentrate on your creative activities.

- Creator agent
- Creator management
- Portrait/Artwork sales
- Accounting

◍ Digital Service
When it comes to marketing, we live in a world where digital marketing is a technique to be reckoned with. Reaching out and connecting with social media and digital devices are inevitable schemes to manage. However, web marketing and digital marketing has to be implemented to work on people’s mind and to bring people together, no matter what new technology emerges. ADF will effectively distribute the digital contents of the artists' works and make sure to put active digital communication into practice.

- Efficient use of social media

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