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About Aoyama Design Forum


We believe Design is not a simple tool to make things look attractive on the surface, but it is like a [blueprint] to express peoples actions that is stimulated by one’s will, purpose, and objectives, in the most suitable way. Design captures the one’s specific objective entirely, and translates it into the elements and forms that conform to the one’s imagination. The world of design encompasses from urban planning to even one’s life planning.

We established this non-profit organization hoping that by providing much design-related information from all over the world would contribute to the people to produce a rich and quality life plan.

We will be absolutely delighted, if we could contribute through our activities to raise the quality of designers and encourage
bringing Japanese design to the world level. Thank you.


President : Motoki Okada
Head Director : Takahiro Kaneko
Director : Katsunari Ota
Auditor : Sachiko Handa

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