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Why Do I asked to register when I try to open the Design INFO page?

To see the all of the contents on this web site, membership registration is required. Please register first and enjoy the entire contents.
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Is there any fee required to register membership?

There are no fees for the registration.

If I became a member, ADF would help me find a job?

We do not offer you such a service. By becoming a member to this site, you will be able to gather useful information including design competitions, projects, collaborations, etc., that raise the possibility of finding opportunities you are looking for.

Can I share my ID and PW with other people?

The password and ID numbers should be confidential to you. Please do not share it with others.

If I have further questions, not listed on the FAQ section, what should I do?

Please use the “Request for Question Form”
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I am a design major student. Can I become a member?

There are no restrictions to the oneAfs occupation or status to become a member. We hope the site would provide you with useful information.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please click “Forgot your PW” placed upper left corner of the site, and please follow its guideline. We will send you the password to your e-mail address.

Do you have a cell phone site?

We do not have a cell phone site at this moment.

Is there any phone number I can use to contat ADF?

We are very sorry to inform you that there are no phone number available. If you have any questions, please use “Request for Question Form”, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
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What should I do if I wanted to withdraw from membership?

Please send us an e-mail, titled [Notice of withdrawal] and please write your name, e-mail address, pass word, and reasons to the body of your e-mail, to [] .

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