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Terms of Use

Application of Terms of Use

Users of this website, operated by the Aoyama Design Forum (“ADF”), a non-profit organization, must abide by the Terms of Use established by this corporation. Additionally, they must comply with the contents of the ADF website and its instructions regarding any items not mentioned in the Terms of Use.

Service and Objectives

This portal site was established by ADF with the aim of training designer-creators who are advancing beyond the borders of Japan and working to succeed on the global stage. We are building a wide-reaching network at home and abroad and carrying out a variety of activities with the aim of contributing, even if only a small amount, to the progress of design education and culture.

Means of Notification

Registered users will be given notice of any new information from ADF by e-mail as well as through publication on ADF’s website. As of the day information is sent out by e-mail or is posted on the website, it will be deemed that registered users have been notified of said information.

Prohibited Conduct

Registered users will not carry out any of the following acts with regard to ADF’s website:
Infringement of the intellectual property rights of ADF or a third party including copyright, moral rights, trademark rights, etc., or actions that threaten infringement;
Infringement of privacy or portrait rights, etc., of ADF or a third party, or actions that threaten infringement;
Discrimination, slander or libel against ADF or a third party, the defamation of their name or credibility, or threatening such action;
Illegal actions against the Public Offices Election Law (Election Law violation), or the threat of illegal actions;
Sending or providing false information to a third party;
Distributing contents (images or text) deemed obscene or containing child pornography or child abuse, or the posting of such content;
Wrongly using a third party’s ID (account) or password, etc.;
Sending e-mails or posting information for the purposes of advertising, publicizing, soliciting, commissioning, mediating, etc., or sending e-mails or posting information that could possibly be considered hateful toward other users;
Sending spam mail, etc., placing an excessive burden on ADF’s network server, or any other actions that would hinder registered users' use of this website, or threatening this action;
Sending virus mail, etc., or making harmful programs available to other registered users or third parties;
Wrongly accessing the network server environment of ADF or a third party;
Impeding the profitability of ADF, or threatening to interfere in such a way;
Acting contrary to the law or the public order and standards of decency, or threatening such actions;
In addition to any other uses of ADF’s website that ADF judges inappropriate;
In the event that any of the above actions have been committed by a registered user, we reserve the right to remove data from the server without notifying the registered user, temporarily suspend the registered user’s use of the site, or cancel their account. Additionally, ADF reserves the right to demand the cost of work hours related to complaints that have arisen due to the prohibited actions committed by the registered user and the cost of any damages suffered, etc.

Data Management

ADF will not take responsibility for any loss suffered by the registered user if there is a problem, etc., with the server (hardware or software) for any unforeseen reason and the data on the server is lost, damaged, or leaked.

Account and Password Management

Registered users will be obliged to responsibly manage their user ID (account) and password, etc., set at the time of registration. ADF will not be held responsible for any loss to the registered user that arises from this information being lost or leaked.
An existing user ID (account) and password, etc., can only be reissued or reset according to ADF's fixed procedures. The registered user, those affiliated with the contracted corporation or group, and family members are all required to make direct inquiries in the same way.

Personal Information

Personal information provided to ADF by a registered creator for the use of their site and information such as their user ID (account) and password, etc., entered during the registration process will not be used by ADF for any purposes other than those connected with this service. Additionally, this information will not be disclosed or provided to a third party. However, this shall not apply if a request is made on legal grounds by a public agency.

Intellectual Property Rights

ADF holds intellectual property rights including copyright, moral rights, trademark rights, etc., for any and all of the work provided for use on the registered user’s site. Registered users cannot use any of this work or information without permission.

Responsibilities of Registered Users

Any risks regarding the quality or results of this service will be assumed by the registered user. If the loss of data or loss of profits arising from such secondary damage as consequential damage or collateral damage affects the use of the registered user's site (or results in an inability to use it), in any situation, with regard to any third party, ADF and its employees will not be held responsible. In the event that a third party causes damage to a registered user’s site, the registered user in question will be responsible for resolving the issue and ADF will not be held responsible for any damages.


For any reason and without notification to registered users, ADF reserves the right to suspend or shut down this website. In the event of the website or service being suspended or shut down, ADF will not bear any responsibility to the registered users. ADF will not make any guarantees to be responsible for giving compensation or providing any kind of service at that point in time. However, this shall not apply if there is a relevant guarantee under Japanese law that will not acknowledge the restrictions without an applicable exclusion.

Changes to Terms of Use

ADF reserves the right to amend or revise the contents of its service or any necessary procedures for use of the service which corresponds to changes made to its service, operations policy, or changes in social conditions. Additionally, all or part of the elements of this service can be stopped or revised. Regulations sent out by e-mail or posted on ADF’s website will form one part of the terms of use. After any revisions are made to these rules, they will be applicable to both ADF and the registered user.

Applicable Laws

With regard to the applicable laws for these rules, Japanese law will be followed and at the same time interpreted accordingly.

Competent Court

In the case of a lawsuit arising between ADF and a registered user, the courts with jurisdiction over the area of ADF’s head office will have exclusive jurisdiction as the first trial court.

Enactment of and Revisions to These Rules

These rules will be applicable as of 03, 10 / 2009.
(1) These rules were established on 03, 10 / 2009.

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