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【ADF Web Magazine】Isamu Noguchi’s Spirit of Sharing

Architect Von Chua delves into the Noguchi Museum situated in Long Island. Isamu Noguchi, the artist, stood as one of the pioneers to unveil his studio to the public in Long Island, New York, initially operating on a seasonal schedule. Through this act, Noguchi's ethos of openness, transparency, and a shared spirit that extends beyond his artistic creations becomes evident. Additionally, this initiative serves as the introduction to the prestigious Isamu Noguchi Award.


【ADF Web Magazine】Les Fleurs de la Maladie: Art Installation from Recycled COVID-19

Subset proudly presents its art installation Les Fleurs de la Maladie, which won the jury prize at the 17th Festival des Architectures Vives in Montpellier, France. What value do we place on health after more than three years of the COVID-19 pandemic? To what extent are our personal experiences and memories different from the times when contact restrictions or even night-time curfews and frequent testing and controls formed a strict framework within which we could move?


【ADF Web Magazine】The LIT Design Awards Open for Entry

The LIT Lighting Design Awards are officially open for entries, inviting the world's brightest minds in lighting design to join the annual celebration of excellence. The award, part of the 3C Awards and known for honoring the pinnacle of creativity and innovation, features a wide range of categories, including 31 for Lighting Design in Architecture, 15 for Lighting Design in Entertainment and an impressive 44 for Lighting Product Design.


Art Gallery/Museum Information - Recommended Exhibitions in February 2024

We feature the exhibitions of art galleries and museums in February 2024. In addition to the schedule of events, we will provide you with detailed information, such as the works on display. Before your visit, please check each museum's website for the current opening hours.


【ADF Web Magazine】Atelier L’Abri desined Kanata Cabin in Mont-Tremblant, Canada

Atelier L'Abri presents Kanata Cabin, a silver-clad house distinguished by its simplicity and elegance amidst the forested hills of the Canadian Laurentians. Born from the client's desire to build a pet-friendly rental cottage in Mont Tremblant, this tiny home marries functionality and minimalism within an ultra-compact building footprint. Affectionately named 'La Niche' by its owners, the dwelling's somewhat naive shapes evoke the image of a doghouse in the landscape.


【ADF Web Magazine】“The Forest”, a High Density Development Project in Congo by Sanjay Puri Architects

Sanjay Puri Architects unveils The Forest, a high density development project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Due to prevailing rules governing built-up areas, this project required a vertical tower since the ratio of built-up area permissible is 9 times the plot area.


【ADF Web Magazine】World Architecture Festival 2023 Winner Khao Mai Art Museum and Tea Barn by PAVA Architects

PAVA architects unveiled Kaomai Museums and Tea Barn, is an adaptive-reused project of a sixty-eight-year old tobacco processing plant estate in Chiang Mai, Thailand owned by Kaomai Estate 1955.


【ADF Web Magazine】“None Whatsoever: Zen Paintings from the Gitter-Yelen Collection” Exhibition to be Held at Japan Society

"None Whatsoever: Zen Paintings from the Gitter-Yelen Collection" will be on view at the Japan Society Gallery from March 8 to June 16, 2024. Spanning more than 400 years, the exhibition explores the origins of Zen Buddhism through the contributions of Buddhist painter-monks whose ink paintings and calligraphy helped define this fascinating religious and artistic tradition.


【ADF Web Magazine】El Palau Fugit, a Captivating Boutique Hotel with Interior Design by EL EQUIPO CREATIV

EL EQUIPO CREATIVO converted a disused 18th-century palace into a destination hotel "Palau Fugit" as charming and seductive as Girona itself. The aim was to create an unpretentious sense of luxury. While respecting the original architecture, the design is fresh, elegant, surprising and, at times, a little subversive.


【ADF Web Magazine】“Made In” Label & Reputation

Von Chua of Chartered Architect & Founder has some thoughts on the “Made in” label. What are the differences in impressions from country to country? Do other aspects such as design esthetics, materiality and others carry more weight?


【ADF Web Magazine】The International Garden Festival Unveils the Projects Selected for its 25th Edition

The International Garden Festival is pleased to announce the projects selected for its 25th edition, titled The Ecology of Possibility, which will run from June 22 to October 6, 2024. On the occasion of its twenty-fifty anniversary, Ève De Garie-Lamanque, Artistic Director, invited designers to imagine the future of the garden. A total of 216 projects were submitted by designers from 30 countries.


【ADF Web Magazine】“See Sea Park” by Morishita Architects and Research Institute to Promote Regional Revitalization

Osamu Morishita Architect and Associates unveiled See Sea Park, a project selected in a competition held by Ohi-town in the Fukui prefecture, Japan, at the end of Summer 2019 completed in 2022. This project won WAF 2023 (Best Use of Natural Light). The main requirement for the proposal was to develop a location where people can innovate and develop new businesses.


【ADF Web Magazine】Georgie Ichikawa’s First Solo Exibition “LOVE : PooPoo Corn the lucky Unicorn”

Georgie Ichikawa's first solo exhibition as an artist, after working on the creative direction of PUMA JAPAN. "LOVE : PooPoo-Corn the lucky Unicorn" will be held at Night Out Gallery from 15 to 18 March 2024. Since appointed as head designer role for PUMA × Alexander McQueen in 2007, Georgie Ichikawa has engaged in various creative endeavors, including launching his own brand and working in London, China and Japan.


【ADF Web Magazine】Pavilion project AIDi “Welcome to the Pantry” by architecture and landscape firm Mixtura Design

Mixtura unveils AIDi. Welcome in the pantry!, a project located in the municipality of Terlizzi, in Puglia, Italy, and adjacent to the convent home of the Franciscan Fraternity of Bethany. The AIDi (Italian acronym for "Accogliena In Dispensa", translated "welcome in the pantry") building opens towards the city, becoming an element of union and mediation between convent life and that of the city street.


【ADF Web Magazine】 Zooco Unveils The Cantabrian Maritime Museum “Restaurant MMC”

Zooco, winner of the Architecture Masterprize 2023 award in the “Small firm of multidisciplinary interior design” category, proudly introduces its latest completed project: The Cantabrian Maritime Museum restaurant. Located on Severiano Ballesteros Street in Santander, Spain, the restaurant was conceived as part of an architectural complex that also includes an Oceanographic Center designed by Vicente Roig Forner and Ángel Hernández Morales, built between 1975 and 1978.


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