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【ADF Web Magazine】Immersive VR journey “Shadowtime” to be Screened at SXSW

Immersive VR experience Shadowtime, debuting at SXSW, critiques tech utopianism by exploring dual realities in the digital and ecological realms. Coined by the Bureau of Linguistical Reality, the term "Shadowtime" describes the simultaneous occupation of two irreconcilable times. The project urges reflection on the interplay between technology and the climate crisis, emphasizing the need for tangible environmental action amid digital escapism.


【ADF Web Magazine】The Museum Shops

Chartered Architect and Founder Von Chua emphasizes the evolving role of museum shops, noting their central placement and commercial focus. Chua discusses the varying approaches of museum shops worldwide, highlighting the need for cultural institutions to balance merchandise appeal with showcasing the institution's ethos. He underscores the importance of such shops in generating funds for museums and galleries, urging a shift towards curated, meaningful merchandise.


【ADF Web Magazine】Digital Orchard designed by Atelier Architecture & Design

Atelier Architecture & Design unveils Digital Orchard, a post-production facility in Europe's largest natural park, the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB), just 30 miles from London. The project aims to restore the compromised natural ecosystem through thoughtful land management, providing an exceptional working environment.


【ADF Web Magazine】「Daily tous les jours」 prodused “Hello, Hello”, a Giant Interactive Arch

Daily tous les jours continues to explore innovative approaches to spark social interaction. Their latest creation, "Hello, Hello," transforms people's voices into a poetic spectacle within a glowing arch.


【ADF Web Magazine】Renovating and Residing in Affordable Properties in Japan Part 2 : How to Buy Budget-Friendly Homes

In Part 2, Akihiro Yamamoto discusses acquiring neglected homes in rural Japan. Despite risks, buying such properties can be appealing. To find deals, sharing preferences with a real estate agent is common, but rural agencies may not update websites regularly. Directly contacting agents and negotiating prices, especially for homes below 2 million yen, can be fruitful. Yamamoto shares personal success negotiating a property priced over 2 million yen for half the cost. Japanese law limits brokerage fees, varying based on property value, and this information is crucial for potential buyers.


【ADF Web Magazine】Gladys Nilsson at Parker Gallery

Keith Tolch, an artist and freelance writer, enthusiastically praises Gladys Nilsson's exhibition at Parker Gallery. Nilsson, a seasoned world builder, creates dynamic and evolving artwork that captivates with exuberantly aloof figures. The perverted cherubs, with converging curves, symbolize the inexplicable and endearing aspects of life. Tolch sees love and profound intimacy in Nilsson's art, especially in a piece titled "Spark," where two figures share a moment of physical impact, contrasting with the digitally mediated world. The artist provides a glimpse into a world of perpetual self-discovery, reflecting a lifetime commitment to exploration.


Art Gallery/Museum Information - Recommended Exhibitions in March 2024

We feature the exhibitions of art galleries and museums in March 2024. In addition to the schedule of events, we will provide you with detailed information, such as the works on display. Before your visit, please check each museum's website for the current opening hours.


【ADF Web Magazine】“Transparences”, the new exhibition at the musee Yves Saint Laurent in Paris

Architect Filippo Esposito introduces a new exhibition at musée Yves Saint Laurent in Paris directed by Anne Dressen. The showcase explores the enduring fascination with transparency in various disciplines, featuring highlights such as Renzo Piano's Niccolò Paganini Auditorium and Salvador Dalí's Surrealist Portrait of Mae West. Giuseppe Sanmartino's Veiled Christ in sculpture is also discussed for challenging marble's opacity. The significance of transparency as an artistic expression for Yves Saint Laurent is emphasized in the exhibition running until August 25, 2024. The exhibition presents forty works, including a notable 1968 smoking ensemble challenging gender norms and a 1988 evening ensemble celebrating feminine allure and empowerment.


【ADF Web Magazine】Territoire Charlevoix, a Unique Hands-on Camp by Atelier L’Abri

Atelier L'Abri unveiled Territoire Charlevoix, a singular concept of experiential camping set in the Canadian wilderness. The remote location offers spectacular panoramic views of the magnificent Charlevoix region of Quebec and its infinite landscape.


【ADF Web Magazine】Studio UNLTD Unveils Design of Cino Restaurant

With the opening of Cino Chophouse and Crudo Bar, Los Angeles-based Studio UNLTD celebrates the unveiling of its first design project in the Hawaiian Islands. Encompassing the interiors, facade, and patio of a 3,000 square foot restaurant with 700 square feet of outdoor space, the project is located in the 'A'ali'i shops at the Ward Village mixed-use development, overlooking Victoria Ward Park on O'ahu, Hawaii.


【ADF Web Magazine】“The Center”, State-of-the-art Educational Facility through Design by CAW Architects

CAW Architects, a firm widely-regarded for its enduring commitment to architecture for social change, and for being at the forefront of reshaping California education through design, unveiled its latest educational project, The Center.


【ADF Web Magazine】HELP : Teaching Hospital and Research Laboratories designed by Contemporanea Arquitetura e Interiores

Contemporanea Arquitetura e Interiores designed HELP, Hospital de Ensino e Laboratórios de Pesquisa in the Agreste region of northeastern Brazil. Located in a city of approximately 420,000 inhabitants, the new facility reaches more than one and a half million people in its radius of operations. HELP was conceived to be a reference center, capable of repositioning the city of Campina Grande as one of the main medical centers of a region that represents 34% of the Brazilian population.


【ADF Web Magazine】A Collection of Techo-Bloc that Create Futuristic Pavement Patterns in urban Landscapes

Techo-Bloc unveiled its groundbreaking Studio Collection for public spaces, a transformative offering that brings a fresh wave of inspiration to the world of landscape architecture. This innovative collection allows designers to customize futuristic paving patterns, offering over 800 design possibilities through a diverse range of motifs and color options. Exclusively crafted for public spaces and commercial landscapes, the landscape design community is in for a treat.


Renovation of the Former Residence of Zhang Taiyan by Tsing-Tien Making

"Renovation is not simply about blending into the old. Instead, it involves the fusion of the old and the new to imbue this long-standing house a new language, from design to functionality and the experience it offers to visitors. We hope the story of Zhang Taiyan and his house do not stop in that specific time period but to continue, with the new memory and language, to carry forward."

By Tsing-Tien Making


Ningbo Gulin Vocational High School by ARCHIS Design Studio

The open framework of the design invites multi-authored narratives in the creation of an interactive and immersive campus. Students are the directors of their own daily encounters and plot developments on campus, devising their narratives through choosing different paths to take. Instead of imposing a preconceived coherence, the design embraces multi-authorship in the daily use of the school to stimulate the improvisational, the indeterminate, and the multiplicity of meanings.


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