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【ADF Web Magazine】The new teamLab Borderless at Azabudai Hills

The new Azabudai Hills project, recently inaugurated in the Toranomon district, is a new landmark for Tokyo and attracts thousands of visitors thanks to its attractions. One is the teamLab Borderless: MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM, which opened on February 9th. We had the chance to visit the press preview and enjoy the museum in a tranquil atmosphere without too much of a crowd.


【ADF Web Magazine】Chris Berens’s Solo Exhibition “THE GREAT BELOW” is Held at Megumi Ogita Gallery

Chris Berens's solo exhibition "THE GREAT BELOW" at MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY until April 27, 2024, offers a mesmerizing journey into an ethereal realm where light and shadow converge. This marks his first solo showcase in Japan in over seven years. Berens, renowned for his mastery of illustration, gained fame in 2005 with his debut solo exhibition in Amsterdam. His works have since been exhibited globally, including at MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY in Tokyo and in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Singapore.


【ADF Web Magazine】NEW 006, the Sixth Art Auction by NEW AUCTION to Take Place

The renowned auction house "NEW AUCTION" is set to host its 6th auction, "NEW 006," on April 27, 2004, at the prestigious SAI art gallery in Tokyo. Among the illustrious artworks to be featured in this event is a remarkable piece from Andy Warhol's iconic Marilyn Monroe series, titled "Pink Marilyn." This exceptionally valuable artwork is a rarity in the global auction circuit, adding to its allure and significance. Created in 1967, just five years after Marilyn Monroe's passing, this series stands as a quintessential example of American Pop Art. Through the innovative use of the screenprint technique, Warhol challenges conventional perceptions by juxtaposing continuity and variation in his portrayal of the legendary Hollywood icon.


【ADF Web Magazine】REPUBLIC OF II BY IV Unveils the “Picos Collection” Created in Collaboration with Ames at Salone del Mobi

REPUBLIC OF II BY IV proudly introduces the Picos Collection, a dynamic collaboration with Ames, premiering at the esteemed Salone del Mobile furniture fair in Milan, Italy, in April 2024. Set to be showcased at Hall 24, Stand F01, this collection marks a significant milestone in the partnership between Ames and the esteemed Canadian design studio, seamlessly merging traditional Colombian craftsmanship with modern design sensibilities.


【ADF Web Magazine】A deep Insight into today’s Life in South Korea

The municipality of Gauting (Munich Metropolitan Area) just announced the Gauting International Photo Summer 2024 from June to September. In June visitors are cordially invited to enjoy the extraordinary exhibition “Better Days” by Seunggu Kim as first exhibition in the open air in the idyllic town hall garden which is open 24 hours a day. Admission to this cultural event is free.


【ADF Web Magazine】Hotel Floriel: Immersing Guests in Local Culture and the Rhythm of the Seasons

The Hotel Floriel was designed by owners Audrey Boisvert and Gabriel Wasilko themselves, a refreshing new high-end hospitality destination nestled in the natural beauty of the Village of Sainte-Flore, Quebec, roughly halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.


【ADF Web Magazine】Goodbye, Richard Serra

The article mourns the passing of artist Richard Serra, known for monumental sculptures challenging traditional concepts. Serra's upbringing and influences, particularly his experience with steel, shaped his innovative work. His sculptures engage viewers physically, rejecting pedestals and encouraging interaction. Examples like "The Berlin Block" and "Fulcrum" demonstrate his impact on public spaces. Serra's legacy lies in redefining scale and material in sculpture, leaving a profound mark on art.


Art Gallery/Museum Information - Recommended Exhibitions in April 2024

We feature the exhibitions of art galleries and museums in April 2024. In addition to the schedule of events, we will provide you with detailed information, such as the works on display. Before your visit, please check each museum's website for the current opening hours.


【ADF Web Magazine】Vicky Martin’s Solo Exhibition “Selfhood” to be Held at the Gauting International Photo Summer 2024

The municipality of Gauting (in the Munich Metropolitan Area) is gearing up to host the Gauting International Photo Summer 2024, scheduled to run from June to September. In August, visitors are invited to experience the enthralling exhibition "Selfhood" by renowned British photographer Vicky Martin, set amidst the tranquil atmosphere of the town hall garden.


【ADF Web Magazine】Renovating and Residing in Affordable Properties in Japan Part 3 : Subsidies for home renovations

Akihiro Yamamoto discusses subsidies for home renovations in Japan, particularly focusing on rural areas with vacant houses. Subsidies are available for various purposes such as refurbishing vacant properties or seismic retrofitting. These subsidies aim to attract newcomers to rural areas and ensure the safety of older homes. However, accessing subsidies involves meeting specific criteria, navigating restrictions, and understanding the timing of budget allocations. Seismic retrofitting, in particular, requires professional assessment and construction, making DIY projects ineligible for subsidies. Understanding the structural vulnerabilities of older homes is crucial when considering renovations, emphasizing the importance of professional guidance.


【ADF Web Magazine】Lemay and LumiGroup Collaborated to Renovate the Montreal Olympic Park

Architectural and design firm Lemay, collaborating with lighting agency LumiGroup, has pooled their skills to revitalize a section of the Montreal Olympic Park, turning it into a vibrant, inviting, and energetic workspace. Their goal was to establish offices that would consolidate all administrative and logistical departments of the Olympic Park into one space to facilitate quicker decision-making processes.


【ADF Web Magazine】Genji monogatari in Paris: the exhibition of musee Guimet

Filippo Esposito explores the Musée Guimet's exhibition "À la cour du Prince Genji," celebrating Murasaki Shikibu's "Genji monogatari" in Paris. The article delves into the deep cultural ties between France and Japan and the exhibition's portrayal of Heian court elegance and the transient nature of beauty.


【ADF Web Magazine】Sanjay Puri Architects Unveiled the Nokha Village Community Centre in the Desert in India

Sanjay Puri Architects unveiled the Nokha Village Community Centre, located in the desert region of Nokha in Rajasthan, India. The sweeping curvilinear volume rises up from the northeastern corner, looping around the site and rising up on the northwest corner to create a north facing open courtyard.


【ADF Web Magazine】Immersive, Ecologically-Focussed Installations “The Celestial Cycle”

Kelly Nunes presents The Celestial Cycle, a series of 5 artworks commissioned by Age of Union founder Dax Dasilva over the course of 10 years, now including Earth Room, Sun Room, Moon Room, Glacier Cave, and Black Hole Room. His artworks reflect on nature’s complex need for conservation through its most present force—the power to heal.


Klein Blue Hills and White Cliff by Wutopia Lab

The undulating blue metallic hills – Klein Blue Hills and translucent White Cliff designed by Wutopia Lab, were completed on October 31, 2023. The reason why I took so long to make the official announcement is probably because I was slacking off.


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