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【ADF Web Magazine】Life in an old Japanese house Vol.6 The durability of wooden structures and the effects of humidity

A report by AKIHIRO YAMAMOTO, an artist who specializes in spatial expression such as art installations.
Focusing on the durability and humidity of Japanese wooden houses, he introduces the style of old architectures and the characteristics of modern architectures influenced by the environment and its society.


【ADF Web Magazine】A Sustainable Oyster Bar, Shuck Shuck

Shuck Shuck, is an interior fit-out for a new food concept in Vancouver’s Chinatown, which opened in October 2020. This new concept uses oysters as a vessel, combining them with the novel, worldly ingredients, sustainable practices, and a highly social environment.
The design was done by Batay-Csorba Architects, a Canadian architectural design firm.


【ADF Web Magazine】The Paper House building in Norway by AART

The Scandinavian architecture firm AART has, together with Höegh Eiendom, designed a new landmark building for the new district of Verket in Moss, Norway.
With its paper-like architecture, the mixed-use building not only pays homage to the papermaking history of the area. It has also been shaped and folded to take full advantage of the daylight and view of the deep-blue fjord surrounding the district.


Aoyama Design Club is Looking for Creative Members!

GARDE has recently launched a new type of community, "Aoyama Design Club" with a gallery in Omotesando, Tokyo. With the concept of "Creators Connect the World", the company is looking for creative members with a wide variety of backgrounds.

"Aoyama Design Club" provides a great working environment for those who are considering a business or embodying bold and conceptual ideas.
The commodious and open coworking space will assuredly support designers, architects, app developers, game programmers, and video creators.

ADF wholly supports this exciting endeavor and has entered into a comprehensive service alliance with GARDE. With full service, ADF provides partial support for club membership fees, global networking to deepen exchanges with creators around the world, various business matching, club events such as seminars and workshops, management consultation, PR, branding, agent contracts, etc. It will also provide multiple supports, such as art exhibitions and parties in the gallery.

ADF recommends creators to visit the "Aoyama Design Club" once and receive specific explanations. You will enjoy an outstanding business environment and the latest work styles!


Tie-up contract with APSDA

ADF(NPO Aoyama Design Forum) recently signed a business tie-up contract with Asia Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA), a large interior design association in the Asia-Oceania region.

This cooperation will encourage a nurture better understanding of their cultures and provide a higher quality of information about design than ever before.


【ADF Web Magazine】WeThePlanet Campus 3deluxe Creates Floating Biotop Off Manhattan, NY

3deluxe's was commissioned by New York-based organization #WeThePlanet (WTP) to create an inspirational structure that nurtures and investigates new and forward-looking opportunities for people-friendly architecture in harmony with nature.
The floating building complex is aimed at serving as an inspiring example for future life, communicative living, and working environments.


Thailand + Beijing News November 2020

We have received a new report supported by GARDE!

An old shophouse which formerly housed a theater, located in Trang, southern Thailand, has been reborn as “Lion’s Tale Bar&Restaurant”. Taking design inspiration from 19th century England, when the UK was one of Trang’s principal trading partners, to express Trang’s natural beauty. In addition, we would like to introduce an energetic Chinese restaurant “SUPERFLY” which is in the hotel “The Opposite House” in Beijing, China.



CHYBIK + KRISTOF ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS have announced the forthcoming ground-breaking of their redesign of Brno’s Zvonařka Central Bus Terminal in the Czech Republic.

Engaged in preserving the symbolic local heritage embodied by the Brutalist structure, CHYBIK + KRISTOF create a contemporary redesign, receptive to the station’s primary role as a central transportation hub through which over 820 regional, national and international connections and 17,000 passengers transit each day.

Self-initiated by the architects in 2011 and with reconstruction to begin, the project involved preserving the existing Brutalist heritage structure while addressing the need to rethink a decaying public space into a functional entity adapted to evolving social needs.

Following the original square floorplan, the redesigned main hall is an open structure devoid of walls. Acting as a two-sided roof, the inner space houses the individual bus stops while the outer area serves as a parking space for buses.

By removing the temporary stands, they open up the terminal onto the city, providing a second entry to the station at street level. While they repaint the main worn-down structure in white and install new light fixtures, they preserve and proudly bring to light the wall art on temporary stands throughout the station, previously concealed between them.

Stressing the central role in the city and region's social fabric, the project affirms CHYBIK + KRISTOF's continuous engagement in establishing architects’ responsibility as catalysts for positive social change.

■More information is also available on CHYBIK + KRISTOF ARCHITECTS & URBAN DESIGNERS's website.


【ADF Web Magazine】Mark Pasnik, AIA Founding Principal, OverUnder Boston, MA

Architect, Author and Activist, Mark Pasnik, a Founding Principal at OverUnder is the only Architect honored on this year's OUT100.
Mark Pasnik is an architect, author, and professor who co-founded OverUnder, a multidisciplinary practice engaged in architecture and design projects ranging from books to city design in the United States and abroad.


【ADF Web Magazine】The Scale of Man’s Best Friend - Architecture for Dogs

An architect and a dog lover, Von (Yvonne) Chua contributes a report on "Architecture for dogs" exhibition held in Japan House in London, a collection of architectural designs for dogs by leading architects and designers in the world.


【ADF Web Magazine】Massage Near Me

A report contributed by development writer, Riley Yaxley, talks about the Chinese artist Evelyn Taocheng Wang's art work shown during the 2016 Dorothea von Stetten Award exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Bonn in Germany, where Wang offered massage to the visitors as part of her exhibition. The performance makes the exhibition unique for interrogating the division of intellectual and bodily labor.


【ADF Web Magazine】Alberghi Diffusi - A new paradigm of hospitality from Italy to Japan

An interesting report by artist and researcher, Matteo Belfiore, about a new paradigm of hospitality born in Italy. This widespread hotel concept brought into Japan last year by the National Association of Diffused Hotels is helping the revitalization of local communities.


Seoul News November 2020

We have received a new report supported by GARDE!

“Mondrian Seoul Itaewon” opened in Seoul this summer as Mondrian’s first expansion into Asia. “Mondrian” is under the Accor group which develops hotels all around the world. Based on a playful hotel concept that incorporates local culture, Mondrian in Itaewon which is Seoul’s hottest area offers unique services such as a rooftop bar, a pool bar and executive lounge.


【ADF Web Magazine】Books for Architectural Design Inspirations

For architects, designers, or someone who is just interested in design, a short list of books that bring inspirations, thoughts, and vision for our future spaces, introduced by chartered architect and founder of Von X Architects, Von (Yvonne) Chua.


【ADF Web Magazine】Urban Parks - A Welcomed Respite in Cities

A report by Von Chua, known for a Chartered Architect leading the creative directions at Von X Architects, an architecture and interior architecture studio based in London, England. She explains some characteristic of urban parks with projects in Tokyo, NY and UK.


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