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【ADF Web Magazine】New Gardens of the 22nd Edition of the International Garden Festival Unveiled

The International Garden Festival unveiled the names of the new designers and their gardens chosen for the 22nd edition of the Festival. Five new projects from Canada, the United States, France and Sweden have been selected to be featured at the 2021 edition of the International Garden Festival. This year, a total of 160 projects by designers from 17 countries were submitted.


【ADF Web Magazine】Studio KAE and the new design generation

Designer and researcher Enza Migliore conducted an interview with a young design consultation studio KAE's founders. Detailed description of their work processes and the outcomes explains the interesting contemporary dynamics ongoing in the field of Design.


【ADF Web Magazine】Life in an old Japanese house Vol.7: Japanese homes’ “Tokonoma” pt. 1

The 7th edition of "Life in an old Japanese house" contributed by Akihiro Yamamoto. He introduces some episodes and collections related to a‘Tokonoma’, a decoration space in a Japanese tatami room. You can find incredible stories such as a manners of sitting on the Tokonoma.


【ADF Web Magazine】10 Best Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software

The software market is inundated with different types of software. This could leave Architect, Engineer, and Construction (AEC) professionals overwhelmed as to which Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions they should go with when executing their construction projects.


【ADF Web Magazine】Team Lab, Borderless in Tokyo

A detailed report by architecture Matteo Belfiore about TeamLab's must-experience exhibition "Boarderless" held in Odaiba, Tokyo. "Borderless" acts on the stimulation of the senses using light sources, tactile surfaces, music and aromas which are effective as a therapy to heal the mind.


【ADF Web Magazine】Elkus Manfredi Architects Enlisted to Design the New Life Science Building

66 Galen Street is a new commercial development comprised of 231,000 sqft of life science building located in Watertown, Massachusetts, a burgeoning life sciences hub just outside of Boston. Elkus Manfredi Architects is enlisted to design this place-making destination, the first of two phases of the redevelopment plan of the area.


ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2021 Winners Announced

We are pleased to announce the winners for the ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2021. Takuto Ohta swept the Best Performance Award, followed by Boey Wang and Alexander Schul winning the Outstanding Performance Awards. Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding performances, and we are truly grateful for all the support we received for this award to be a success.


【ADF Web Magazine】World Architecture Festival to Take Place in December 2021, in Lisbon

World Architecture Festival and the Inside: World Festival of Interiors will now take place at the FIL exhibition centre, Lisbon from 1-3 December 2021. Hosting WAF in December will enable them to stage the festival that delegates expect, comprising of networking events, live judging, keynote talks, and panel discussions.



A contribution by Virginia Alluzzi about the Italian artist Bruno Munari' lessons which affected her work as a product designer, through the introduction of his book "Circle Square Triangle".


【ADF Web Magazine】Timelessness in Design

A report contributed by architect and co-founder of Pitch Your Concepts & Chartered Architect, Von (Yvonne) Chua. She gives her insight into timelessness in design and talks about the common themes that makes the design timeless.


【ADF Web Magazine】Exo, Elnaz Javani and Annette Hur, curated by Azadeh Gholizadeh at Devening Projects

Artist and freelance writer, AMANDA JOY CALOBRISI contributed a report on the EXO exhibition held in Chicago IL. The exhibition features recent work by Annette Hur and Elnaz Javani curated by Azadeh Gholizadeh.


【ADF Web Magazine】An Interior Design, Inspired by the Russian avant-garde

Maxim Kashin Architects has created a geometric designed interior space, named "Golden Mile", inspired by the Russian Avant-garde. White colour, the colour of endless space in the suprematist paintings, has evolved in the interior, creating a geometric volume of the whole space. It is self-sufficient and also a background for the interior’s main elements – geometric dominating sculptures.


【ADF Web Magazine】A solution by Kostow Greenwood Architects

A solution from a team of architects and designers at Kostow Greenwood Architects addresses the demise of the physical retail industry, in particular antiquated large-scale shopping malls.
The concept involves a dynamic mix of cultural space, public amenities, restaurants, retail and housing coming together as a new form of community center by re-purposing obsolete sites.


Call for Entries! Architizer A+Awards 2021 Architect / Architecture

Architizer, the world’s largest online platform for architecture, announces the official opening of the 9th Annual Architizer A+Awards, emphasizing architecture’s role in a changing world.

The Architizer A+Awards is the world’s largest and most democratic architectural awards program and honors the year’s best buildings and spaces from around the globe. The A+Awards are judged by Architizer’s 250+ jury academy featuring prestigious members of the architecture and design community, as well as luminaries from the art, technology, fashion, media, business, and real estate industries.

In collaboration with its official partners, Phaidon, AIA New York, and Aesthetica Magazine, the 2020 A+Awards received over 400,000 public votes on 5,000+ entries from over 100 countries worldwide. ADF proudly supports the A+Awards as one of the media partners.


【ADF Web Magazine】2021 AZ Award Kicks Off a New Decade with an All-New

2021 AZ Awards is now open to welcome submissions until February 25, 2021 (early-bird submissions end January 31, 2021). It promises to attract entries from some of the most forward-thinking firms from all corners of the globe.


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