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【ADF Web Magazine】Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s fancy glassware collection: the mindful enrichment of everyday objects

Product designer, VIRGINIA ALLUZZI reports about the NYC-based designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s glass houseware collection with photos of unique artworks. Sophie Lou Jacobsen has joined local artisan communities while diving into traditional techniques as glass blowing and the finest craftsmanship, making the collection steeped in traditional decorative glassware from the early 1900s and in the actual minimalist/Modernist design tendency.


【ADF Web Magazine】Artist Ta Byrne’s remarkable journey from a humble sweatshop in Bangkok to a world-renowned art gallery

Lifestyle journalist & PR/Marketing consultant, Ellen Boonstra reports about an interview with Ta Byrne who has accomplished significant achievement. Ta’s work has won over fans in many countries, where her paintings are on permanent exhibit in some TV-worthy, abodes of the affluent.


【ADF Web Magazine】A Playful Landscape of Soft Creatures by Israelian Designer, Sarit Shani Hay Exhibited at the Design Muse

The Design Museum Holon in Israel has reopened after a two-month lockdown closure. The reopening began with "Black Box," an exhibition, which includes a landscape installation by multidisciplinary designer, Sarit Shani Hay.


【ADF Web Magazine】Life in an old Japanese house Vol.8 Fine art on sliding doors in Japanese homes

Akihiro Yamamoto writes about characteristics of arts in Japanese old houses. Under the theme of "Art of Japanese Houses and Joinery", he introduces the houses' spaces and historical partitions such as the sliding doors and folding screens that are also found in modern houses.


【ADF Web Magazine】The creative district M50, a contemporary art district in Shanghai

Designer and resercher, Enza Migliore introduces M50, a contemporary art district in Shanghai. She describes it as an allegory of the flexibility of the urban Chinese cultural identity and its artistic expression and evolution. In the article, you will explore the unique area with the distinctive photos of exhibitions.


【ADF Web Magazine】rhizomatiks_multiplex at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT)

A new exhibition rhizomatiks_multiplex, which was opened on March 20th, is hosted at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT). It celebrates the 15th anniversary of Rhizomatiks, which was born in 2006 as a collective of creative people. The author, Matteo Belfiore introduces the artistic group with their unique concepts.


【Final Call】Design Anthology Awards 2021

Design Anthology holds the Design Anthology Award 2021 online. The host has established the award since 2019 to evaluate and introduce the talent and creative vision of communities in Asia as well as Australia. These countries are now competing to become the core of design and attracting talented designers. The purpose of the Design Anthology Awards is to evaluate and showcase the talent and vision of the creative community as an authority on design and architecture in the region.

The Aoyama Design Forum, along with trophy sponsor Lasvit, prize sponsor Design Hotels, and House of Tai Ping, has supported the Design Anthology Award 2021.


【ADF Web Magazine】Tinker imagineers design Kamp Amersfoort exhibition

The new museum of National Monument Kamp Amersfoort was inaugurated on April 19. During the Second World War, around 47,000 prisoners were held at this transit and prison camp.



Italian architect, Valentina Cannava writes about a journey in Louis Vuitton, which has become one of the most worshipped in the world. In 2021 the brand landed in Tokyo with an exposition entitled "Louis Vuitton &," celebrating the 160th years of the brand and its strong bond with Japan.


【ADF Web Magazine】Jeane Cohen “In the Walls of My House There Were Spirits” at Zolla Lieberman Gallery

Artist and Freelance Writer, Amanda Joy Calobrisi reports about Jeane Cohen’s paintings which is currently on display at Zolla Lieberman Gallery. The exhibition is on view until May 1, 2021 at Zolla Lieberman Gallery in Chicago.


【ADF Web Magazine】Michael Green Architecture Wins The Royal Architecture Institute of Canada 2021 Architectural Firm Award

Michael Green Architecture (MGA), based out of Vancouver BC, is the recipient of The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) 2021 Architectural Firm Award. The award recognizes the achievements of a firm for its quality of architecture, service to clients, and innovations in practice.


【ADF Web Magazine】ADesignStudio’s custom lighting installation for BarLume, Cafe Restaurant in the New Landmark Tower of Sydney

BarLume, a café restaurant in the ground-floor lobby of Sydney’s prestigious new commercial tower, is created by ADesignStudio. The installation is a rhythmic array of 90 handblown frosted glass spheres that drop three meters from the black-mirrored ceiling, providing a soft atmospheric glow to the café restaurant below.


"ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2021" Interviews with the Winners Part. 2

We interviewed Takuto Ohta, who won the Best Performance Award at the "ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2021" sponsored by Aoyama Design Forum (ADF). We asked some questions such as his submitted work, his thought on art and prospects.


【ADF Web Magazine】Call For Entries! World Architecture Festival China 2021

WAF China 2021 is open for submissions till May 7, 2021. WAF China is the exclusive authorized brand of the world’s largest annual, international, live architectural event WAF in Mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions, including WAF China and INSIDE China.


【ADF Web Magazine】We=Link: Sideways, an exhibition about the art net, last Avant-garde of the twentieth century

Enza Migliore, who is a designer and resercher, wirtes about an exhibition We=Link: Sideways. She introduces the aim of the exhibition and her interpretation about the art work.


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