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Product Designer, Virginia Alluzzi interviews a young designer, Kristýna Mikolášková, who studies Concept-Object-Meaning and captures invisible concepts in the simplest way possible and transform them into something that suddenly belongs to all of us. The artist introduces one of her artwork, which is inspired by the universe.


【ADF Web Magazine】Plain Air the contemporary artists group exhibition at Carrie Secrist

Artist and Freelance Writer, Amanda Joy Calobrisi introduces an exhibition "Plain Air" at Carrie Secrist Gallery in Chicago. Amanda leads the exploration of the 10th floor penthouse where 40 artworks by 9 artists are on display.


【ADF Web Magazine】Patina Maldives: Lessons Learned from Professor Nature

Lifestyle journalist & PR/Marketing consultant, ELLEN BOONSTRA introduces the Patina Maldives in the Fari Islands. This new resort encourages visitors to focus on the essential elements of nature, good health, fine dining, human connections and relaxation.


【ADF Web Magazine】LOGOS: A journey into a brand’s soul

Architect VALENTINA CANNAVA shares her thoughts on the value and tasks of LOGO or LOGO TYPE by introducing several major logos and their roots.


【ADF Web Magazine】13th Shanghai Biennale: Bodies of Water

Designer and researcher Enza Migliore introduces Shanghai Biennale, the first international biennial of contemporary art in mainland China and one of the most influential in Asia.


【ADF Web Magazine】Turtle Bay Project | A New Eco-Tourist Destination in Hua-Hin, Thailand

Turtle Bay Project was launched in Hua-Hin, near Khao Tao Reservoir, Thailand, to create a new eco-tourism destination, organic food, a gift shop for local artisans and homestay-style accommodation.


South Africa News June 2021

We have received a new report supported by GARDE!

We would like to introduce the Kruger Shalati? The Train on the Bridge. A hotel inside converted 1950s train cars located on the top of the Selati Bridge and suspended over the Sabie River in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The hotel comprises 31 rooms which provide guests unparalleled views of the Kruger National Park and the majestic Sabie River below.



Development writer, Riley Yaxley recalls and considers her thoughts on artwork featuring nudity. Find out more about her thought of the relationship between art and pornography and the sensibilities of artists and viewers.



Architect and Resercher, Matteo Belgiore reports on the Instagram project #MFWP by Italian designer and photographer Giuseppe de Francesco. The author also looks at the relationship between fashion and architecture.



Lifestyle Journalist PR/Marketing consultant, Ellen Boonstra reports on the Kruger Shalati Train on a Bridge, which has been transformed into a new luxury hotel in the matrix of Mother Nature boasts a lineage that links it to the birth of the modern safari.


【ADF Web Magazine】Life in an old Japanese house Vol.9: Japanese Houses and In Praise of Shadows

This article is the 9th edition of "Life in an Old Japanese House" contributed by the artist Akihiro Yamamoto. Comparing with some Western masonry buildings and a house style from Samoan Islands, he reports on the shadows of Japanese houses and their classical sense of beauty, referring to the literature of Junichiro Tanizaki, who wrote an essay "In Praise of Shadows".


【ADF Web Magazine】CLOU Architects designed commercial building “UNIFUN” with a multi-media facade system

UNIFUN Tianfu Chengdu is an online and offline architecture with a multi-media facade system and a large area of outdoor social space. The CLOU architects designed the building with an aim to integrate the architectural form and the digital promotion into a coherent whole. They also expect to achieve different visual effects for UNIFUN with the graphics changes of the façade system. In addition to the concept of “cube”, the façade was also inspired by animated game culture in the age of social media.


【ADF Web Magazine】Thai Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021: A Sustainable Approach For Human and Animal to Live

In March 2021, a pavilion was erected in Tha Tum District, Thailand. It was inaugurated on Thailand's National Elephant Day. Rooted in the simple but ingenious architecture of Tha Tum, the pavilion is the house of the local people and the house of elephants integrated into one structure. The Thai Pavilion explores how architecture may embrace the other through the case between elephants and the Kuy people, an ethnic group in Thailand's Tha Tum District.


【ADF Web Magazine】A slice of nostalgia: Atelier Zebulon Perron delivers a ‘modern retro’ interpretation

Atelier Zébulon Perron, a firm renowned for its distinct interior design services for the commercial sector, is proud to unveil the nostalgic ambiance of Gentile Pizza Parlour. Inspired by family legacy, the new Montreal restaurant’s original concept pays homage to the classic pizzerias of 70s and 80s New York City, balancing retro and contemporary elements to create a chic and colloquial space, with a strong identity.


【ADF Web Magazine】A playable public installation”Ripple” in the Rochester, NY

In Rochester NY, The Urban Conga has completed a public installation designed through a series of participatory design workshops. The installation, "Ripple", has been devised to function as a regional landmark and to be positioned as a catalyst to connect people in the public sphere. It was designed to be a constantly changing landmark by responding to landscapes and communities.


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