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【ADF Web Magazine】The power of design and the contradictions between art and life

Opened in 2008 in Nordhide, Munich, the area's most colorful shopping center, The MIRA Shopping Center, features colored panels and a polished aluminum façade that reflects the sky and surrounding buildings. The façade construction was awarded the "DGNB Gold Award for sustainable buildings" in 2009. The shopping center was planned by Chapman Taylor. The responsible project architect there was Ruprecht Melder. Léon- Wohlhage-Wernik Architekten was responsible for the façade design. ADF Web Magazine reports on this design with photos by Michael Nguyen.


【ADF Web Magazine】Chicago’s Safety Net Healthcare Provider “Humboldt Park Health” Interior Design Renovation by JGMA

Humboldt Park Health, formerly known as Norwegian American Hospital, a 100-year-old building in the heart of Chicago's Puerto Rico district, has been transformed into a major health care provider for the safety net. The report shares this effort as part of a project with a six-phase approach to development and redevelopment over the next 10 to 15 years.


"World Architecture Community Awards" announces winners of 38th Cycle

World Architecture Community has announced the winners of WA Awards 10+5+X 38th Cycle in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design. WA Awards presents 56 different winning projects from 27 different countries with a fantastic mix of building types ranging from China to Taiwan, Australia to Egypt. ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum) proudly supports the WA Awards as one of the media partners.


【ADF Web Magazine】“Nature is within us” Photo Paintings by Michael Nguyen in a permanent exhibition in the Greater Metropolit

The exhibition "Nature is within us" by Michael Nguyen is opened as a permanent exhibition in the town hall of Gauting (district of Munich), Bahnhofstrasse 7, D-82131 Gauting. The author includes trees, forests, mountains, rivers and lakes as elements in the artworks and transforms these elements of nature into emotions, fantasies and dreams, as part of our inner qualities and human being.


【ADF Web Magazine】Pascale Girardin’s Artwork Brings Grace and Lightness to the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas

Pascale Girardin installed an artwork "Daphnee" in March 2020 at Ceasars Forum Convention Center. The artwork of more than a thousand white and gold leaves scattered throughout the expansive lobby is an ode to the treasured and precious laurel plant of ancient Rome. The myth of Daphne is reinterpreted and brought to life here by the studio in Las Vegas.


【ADF Web Magazine】Yangliping Performing Arts Center by Studio Zhu-Pei expressing the old Chinese principle of yin and yang

Situated between the Cang mountain chain, rising 4,000 meters in height, and 40 kilometer-long Lake Erhai, the city of Dali was a significant stop on the ancient tea and horse road, and is now an important tourism destination.


【ADF Web Magazine】Life in an old Japanese house Vol.11: Termites in Japanese Homes

Serialization by Mr. Akihiro Yamamoto "Life in an old Japanese house VOL.11".
The report tells about termites, which many people in Japan fear as damage to old folk houses. The author talks in detail about the ecology of termites living in Japan and how to control and prevent termites in Japanese houses.


【ADF Web Magazine】Sentimental Archeology, an Auto-Glorification Memorial, an interview with Artist Sofia Moreno

Artist and Freelance Writer, Amanda Joy Calobrisi interviewed a multimedia artist, Sofia Moreno. Her practice is in constant flux, and she moves fluidly and gracefully through performance, video, sculpture, and painting. Amanda asked her about the artist's home country, Mexico, and her next plans.



Product Designer, Virginia Alluzzi reports on THE ANONYMOUS PROJECT by British filmmaker Lee Shulman. The Anonymous Project is a journey about the pleasures of the subjects and a document of what amusement or free times looked like to save this lost collective memory. Most of the Anonymous Project photos are taken by non-professional photographers.


【ADF Web Magazine】Puri lighting design provides Lighting Environment Space beyond the imagination at Shuifa Information Town

Changqing Economic and Technological Development Zone, 20 kilometers from the center of Jinan City, is located in Shandong Province, China. In an environment that has not been developed and maintained on a large scale, a building with pre-lighting designs has been unveiled, creating a lighting environment space beyond imagination. ADF Web Magazine reports extensively on the buildings where clean, pure stones seem to emerge from the water.


【ADF Web Magazine】Employees at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Join Museum in Union Organizing

The art expert and author, Riley Yaxley, reports on a new union formed by more than 300 School of the Art Institute of Chicago employees with museum staff. She introduces the statement with the voice of supporters who hope for art, justice, and a future.


【ADF Web Magazine】The Turkish “Flying Carpet” of Golden Horn Library: 2021 Architizer A+ Awards Winner

The Golden Horn Library, designed by Alper Aytac, was awarded the 2021 Architizer A+ Awards Jury Winner in the Institutional - Unbuilt category. The Golden Horn Library will be located in Galata, a historic district at the crossroads of Istanbul's cultural and visual memories.


ADF Art Gallery Project vol.10 "4 Wheels Four Wheels" Exhibition

ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum) holds the exhibition "4 Wheels Four Wheels" by photographer Joji Shimamoto from August 10 to 23, 2021, as the 10th art exhibition "ADF Art Gallery Project".

[Exhibition Information]
Exhibition name: 4Wheels four wheels
Date: August 10 (Tuesday) to August 23 (Monday), 2021
Opening hours: 10: 00-18: 00 (until 17:00 on the 16th day of the last day).
Closed days: Saturdays and Sundays
Venue: GARDE Gallery
Address: 5-2-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo ALLIANCE Building 4F


【ADF Web Magazine】Real Estate Development in Tunisia Redefines Architecture as Second Nature

The real estate development project "Domaine de l'Anse Sauvage" carried out by Philippe Barriere Collective is located northeast of Tunis on the coast of Gammarth, on a hill overlooking the Baie des Singes. This project is part of a process that aims to expand the role of architecture so that spaces become "second nature" in relation to the outdoors.


【ADF Web Magazine】Life in an old Japanese house Vol.10: Japanese House’s wall pt.2

Japanese House 's wall pt.2 by Akihiro Yamamoto. In addition to the long-used "dirt wall," the artist introduces various finishing techniques that make the most of the wall's goodness, as well as the features and repair techniques such as sand walls, cotton walls, and fiber walls that have been widely used since modern times.


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