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【ADF Web Magazine】The International Garden Festival Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

The 25th edition of the Reford Gardens International Garden Festival will run from June 22 to October 6, 2024, themed "The Ecology of Possibility." It will start with Discussion Day, an engaging conference event, held over the Fête Nationale holiday weekend in Grand-Métis, the first such event since 2001.


EK Design Creates a "Show" Setting to Explore the Boundary between Art and Life

Discussions about art in the past focused on advocating for its integration into everyday life. Nowadays, it's widely acknowledged that art plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life for individuals. The question now becomes: how can we incorporate art into our daily routines and create individual artistic practices?


【ADF Web Magazine】Waterside designed by SAOTA in Cape Town, South Africa

Waterside is situated in a nine-story beachside apartment building in Clifton, Cape Town, designed by SAOTA in 2009. Interior design studio ARRCC, in collaboration with Karen Stanek from KS Designs, had the task of merging three apartments over two levels.


【ADF Web Magazine】(IN)VISIBLE: Design Through the Prism of Homelessness to be held at UQAM Design Center, Canada

The exhibition "(IN)VISIBLE: Design Through the Prism of Homelessness" at UQAM Design Centre, in collaboration with Architecture Without Borders Quebec and university professors, runs from May 23 to June 16. It addresses how the global housing crisis exacerbates homelessness, which is often hidden by urban strategies like hostile design and camp dismantling.


【ADF Web Magazine】d’Armes’s “Console” lighting collection

As a testament to the power of creative synergy, d’Armes unveils two exclusive lighting collections with Consors at the 2024 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). The event will be held at the New York City Javits Center, May 19-21, 2024.


【ADF Web Magazine】Dupont Blouin designed the Temple of Gourmet “Lecavalier Petrone” in Montreal, Canada

Under Chloé Migneault-Lecavalier and Loïse Desjardins-Petrone's direction, Lecavalier Petrone has become a hub of exquisite indulgence, evolving into a workshop-boutique showcasing the art of gourmet confectionery.


【ADF Web Magazine】The Environmental and Experimental Architecture of Fujiki Studio, KOU : :ARC 2001 ー 2024 to be held

"The Environmental and Experimental Architecture of Fujiki Studio, KOU : :ARC 2001 - 2024" will be exhibited at Kogakuin University, Tokyo, from June 3 to 15, 2024, showcasing 24 years of innovative work, including international awards and exhibitions.


【ADF Web Magazine】Norsk Retreat, a Norwegian Nature Retreat by Atelier Architecture & Design

Atelier Architecture & Design's nature retreat in Norway's hilly lake region employs innovative design for minimal environmental disruption, offering users maximum exposure to the pristine landscape and its natural beauty.


Shinion, Moonlight by GFD Studio

Located in Hangzhou, Shinion · Moonlight unfolds its unique design philosophy and architectural aesthetics in the fusion of modernity and classicism, offering a peaceful haven away from the urban hustle and bustle. Embracing both urban prosperity and nature, it presents a harmonious living environment secluded from the clamor, simple and tranquil.


Art Gallery/Museum Information - Recommended Exhibitions in May 2024

We feature the exhibitions of art galleries and museums in May 2024. In addition to the schedule of events, we will provide you with detailed information, such as the works on display. Before your visit, please check each museum's website for the current opening hours.


【ADF Web Magazine】Yoshiyuki Umehara Solo Exhibition “Mono-to Watashi”

ARTDYNE is pleased to present Yoshiyuki Umehara’s solo exhibition “Mono-to Watashi” from April 20 (Sat) to May 12 (Sun), 2024.Yoshiyuki Umehara, born in 1997, graduated from Tama Art University in 2020 with a major in oil painting, and is one of the hottest young artists based in Chiba Prefecture.


【ADF Web Magazine】OKHA unveils New Collection “Sculpted Forms” at Milan Design Week

A design studio based in Cape Town in South Africa, OKHA’s latest capsule collection, "Sculpted Forms," transports us to a realm where design meets artistry, blending timeless essence with a forward-looking vision. It's been unveiled at Milan Design Week. Inspired by Africa's unfiltered beauty and untamed spirit, Adam Court's creations resonate with a harmonious balance of natural forms and contemporary aesthetics.


【ADF Web Magazine】Hudson Valley Residence designed by HGX Design’s

HGX Design, a firm engaged in select projects of varying scale for commercial, hospitality, and residential clients, proudly introduces Hudson Valley Residence, a ground-up home built on a ridge overlooking the Catskill Mountains. The home was commissioned for a client with multiple residences who envisioned a retreat providing scenic views of the surrounding mountains, serenity, and a gathering place for family. The centerpiece of a 35-acre property, the elongated home runs from north to south on the highest point of the property, with views of the mountain range to the west.


【ADF Web Magazine】Chris Berens’s Solo Exhibition “THE GREAT BELOW” is Held at Megumi Ogita Gallery

Chris Berens's Solo Exhibition "THE GREAT BELOW" is held at MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY until April 27, 2024. In his first solo exhibition in Japan in seven and a half years, he invites the viewer into a subtle and profound alien world, where light and shadow intersect. In 1999, Berens completed his illustration studies at the Academy of Art & Design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.


【ADF Web Magazine】France celebrates 150 years of Impressionism with a new exhibition at musee d’Orsay in Paris

The Musée d'Orsay hosts "Paris 1874: Inventer l'impressionnisme" until July 14, 2024, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the first impressionist exhibition in Paris. Architect Filippo Esposito delves into the vibrant city's transformation, showcasing both established and emerging artists, while highlighting Impressionism's revolutionary impact on art.


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