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【ADF Web Magazine】Gentilhomme Studio unveils a series of digital art installations for Orlando International Airport

For the digital art installations at Terminal C, which opened in the fall of 2022, Montreal-based creative studio Gentilhomme went to great lengths to create hours of original content. Advanced CGI, machine learning, live action and immersive underwater filming were used, along with 3D motion capture technology that renders images in real time on giant screens.


【ADF Web Magazine】A Refuge in the Forest “MEV” by Studio Jean Verville Architectes

Seduced by the photographic narration illustrating the projects of Studio Jean Verville, two admirable eccentrics, passionate about art and Italian design of the 80s, invited him to design their refuge in the forest. The objective is to host their daily lives with a whimsical energy, a challenge in absolute cohesion with the disruptive approach of the Studio.


【ADF Web Magazine】Installation artwork produced by Moment Factory, Ongfa Lumina, the story of the Huron Wendat tribe in Can

Under the starry skies northeast of Quebec City, Onhwa' Lumina welcomes guests on a journey steeped in the stories, symbols and rhythms of the Huron-Wendat Nation. Developed by Moment Factory in collaboration with the Wendake Tourist Office and the Huron-Wendat Nation Council, this immersive multimedia experience celebrates the richness of Wendat culture through the magic of light, sound, video projections and a narrative infused with emotion.


【ADF Web Magazine】Beijing, China Crossboundaries’ Transformable Workplace

Crossboundaries contributes to the realization of a living built environment through architecture, environmental design and urban renewal. What synergies can be found in a new ecology that reconciles the dimensions of environment, society and culture? Crossboundaries has actively transformed the office form into a living environment. Enjoy the design process and background of Crossboundaries' ideas about the "house" as a place to live and the "office" as a place to work.


Denmark News November 2022

We have received a new report supported by GARDE!

A new museum honoring Danish fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen has now officially opened its doors in Odense. Designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates, created as an immersive "fantasy world" of gardens and underground display spaces, the project expands the existing house with new exhibition rooms, public amenities, a cultural center, and a children's play area. The goal of the museum garden next to H.C. Andersen's House is to turn downtown Odense into a lush haven where nature mirrors the fantastical world painted by the author. New trees and greenery make up the wonderful landscape.


Art Gallery / Museum Information-Recommended Exhibition in November 2022

We present to you the Art Galleries and Museums Exhibitions in November 2022. In addition to the calendar of events, we provide detailed information, for example, about the exhibited works. Up-to-date information on opening hours can be found on the websites of each museum before you visit them.


【ADF Web Magazine】PechaKucha Night × DESIGNART Tokyo Special’ at Shibuya QWS

A diverse group of designers, including Jin Kuramoto, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Kiyoaki Takeda and Studio Swine, as well as "NEXT CIRCULATION" exhibitor BCXSY from DESIGNART TOKYO, U30 selectees Nina Nomura, Karyn Lim and Sohma Furutate from Japan and Sweden, the UK, Singapore and the Netherlands.



Lebanese architect Nader Sammouri asks, "How much can someone create if left to his sheer imagination and a comprehensible creative process?" He believes that it is difficult for us as creatives to be guided by the countless works of art and monumental sculptures that surround us. In fact, we all know how difficult it is to create something out of nothing. Expand your design thinking with this article.


【ADF Web Magazine】Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture Brings Music to the Ears of Ikegami Residents

Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture, an award-winning, internationally recognized architectural firm specializing in cultural experiences, is proud to unveil the Ideareve-Ikegami. Completed in 2021 in collaboration with Takayuki Yagi and Yagi Komuten for client Yasunori Kamata / K-M-T, the reinforced concrete building was designed to house a music hall, practice rooms, soundproof rental apartments and a penthouse.


【ADF Web Magazine】Saskatoon New Central Library designed by Architecture49 in Canada

Formline, Chevalier Morales and Architecture49 announce the latest developments for the new Saskatoon Central Library. With its vision, public program, architecture and urban plan, the library is conceived as a key pillar for reconciling Indigenous and Western ways of living and building.


Casa De Abdullah: A House for a beautiful family with an Artistic sculptural in India

In Tenkasi District, one of the 38 districts of Tamil Nadu, India, a beautiful single-family house with an artistic sculptural form was built on a 2100 square metre plot. It blocks the light and creates a visual delight. The design idea of Jamaliah Arkitects is to create a beautiful contemporary house that offers exciting spaces and surprising elements in the building.


【ADF Web Magazine】Hair Salon Refurbish by ISSADESIGN; Concrete and Gold Intermingle and Set the Tone at Blunt

Following the departure of a neighboring tenant, Blunt – an already well-established hair salon in Montreal – seized the opportunity to expand and develop its service offering. Taking on the challenge, local agency, Issadesign, designed a layout that merged the existing space with the new one.


【ADF Web Magazine】Yoshiki Matsuyama’s new portable lamp, designed for Ambientec

It seems to gently emerge from the depths of the ocean to bring its warm and delicate light into our living spaces. Between lighting design and marine biology: Ambientec presents "Cachalot", the new portable luminaire by Yoshiki Matsuyama.


【ADF Web Magazine】Shanghai, China CLOU architects New Book 『Social Space』 is Officially Released

CLOU architects are pleased to announce the publication of the office's third book, Social Space. In over 500 pages of project history, CLOU shows how the firm continues to push the boundaries of architecture in the face of social change, new lifestyles, and technological innovation, and how it sees its mission as designing the best social spaces in the world.


Art Gallery / Museum Information-Recommended Exhibition in October 2022

We present to you the Art Galleries and Museums Exhibitions in October 2022. In addition to the calendar of events, we provide detailed information, for example, about the exhibited works. Up-to-date information on opening hours can be found on the websites of each museum before you visit them.


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