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【ADF Web Magazine】Winners of World Architecture Festival 2022 International Architectural Awards Announced

The award was presented alongside other ultimate honours, including World Interior of the Year, Future Project of the Year and Landscape of the Year, at the gala dinner of the 15th World Architecture Festival 2022 at Convento do Beato, a former 16th century Portuguese monastery.


【ADF Web Magazine】SFMOMA Launches Initiatives to Increase Art Access for Community

Development Writer Riley Yaxley reports on a series of initiatives developed by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) to increase access to art installations. Dedicated to Bay Area artists, the exhibition will provide each artist in the upcoming show with a dedicated gallery to showcase new works and invite the public to immerse themselves in that artist's practice. The museum will offer free admission from December 17, 2022 through May 29, 2023 as part of the SECA Art Award exhibition.


Hovering Kan-Too

The translucent Great Bay Area Showroom known as the "Hovering Kan-Too" designed by Wutopia Lab, the door to future of Vanke-Shum Yip, was completed and opened in July 2022. Located at the west bank of the Pearl River Delta, and the west gate of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge, it is in the front-line coastal area of the Great Bay Area. Standing on the roof on sunny days, one can have a view of the spectacular building cluster on the other side of the sea in Qianhai, Shenzhen. The ambitious showroom is a new landmark of the new city floating on the sea.


【ADF Web Magazine】Slovakia Important cultural monument by Martin Pasko and team DF CREATIVE GROUP Conversion

The Jurkovič heating plant is one of the last testimonies of the former Apollo refinery. The original industrial area has become part of the new center of Bratislava, with the renovated Jurkovič Heating Plant as a cultural epicenter and attractive accent amid the modern architecture of the neighboring Sky Park buildings by Zaha Hadid.



Italian architect Valentina Cannava reports on XMAS DECORATION'S TREND 2022 Over the years, Christmas decoration has been influenced by countless trends, which the author reports on. Which of them suits you best?


【ADF Web Magazine】The Guggenheim Museum Presents a Career Retrospective of the Famed American Figurative Artist Alex Katz

​Riley Yaxley reports on "Alex Katz: Gathering," a retrospective of the famed figurative artist taking place in the city where Katz lived and worked throughout his life. The exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum fills the museum's Frank Lloyd Wright-designed rotunda and the adjacent Tower Gallery.


【ADF Web Magazine】Wirescapes: connected with the urban fabric

Architect and researcher Matteo Belfiore reports on the recent exhibition "Wirescapes: connected with the urban fabric" and, under this premise, imagines a journey through electric cables connecting photographic views of cities.


Brother and Sister, Unity & Contrast

MEPITREE Design Studio releases the news of a project. This spacious home has 3 Floors, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and special packing for 5 supercars, with plenty of space 680 square meters.


【ADF Web Magazine】Lafond Desjardins Dental Laboratory designed by ACDF Architecture Canada

ACDF Architecture is proud to present the Lafond Desjardins dental laboratory in Laval, a new facility that shows that industrial buildings, although too often forgotten by architects, offer great opportunities for sensitive and refined architecture. The client wanted to create a space perfectly suited to its needs, with a level of sophistication that reflected the company's long-standing vitality and its vision of combining artisanal work with advanced technology.



Product designer Virginia Alluzzi introduces a brain that is harmless, humble and decorative: a philodendron, an ordinary houseplant, has become a viral phenomenon on the Internet this October.


【ADF Web Magazine】Goddess of Dawn “Eos” Brings Light to the Community; Mixed Use Project by the Black Sea

Greek mythology tells us the story of EOS - the goddess of the dawn. Every morning she rose from the depths of the sea to the horizon to give light and drive away the night. This project named after the goddess is located in Varna, Bulgaria, the second largest city in the country. The building is located next to the public park Sea Garden, which is the only thing that separates it from the Black Sea, ensuring that EOS is the first to receive sunlight.


【ADF Web Magazine】SuperHub Meerstad in Netherlands by De Zwarte Hond The Supermarket as a Meeting Place

Inspired by the task of better connecting the emerging Groningen neighbourhood and transforming it into an interactive social space, De Zwarte Hond was commissioned by real estate developer MWPO to design a multifunctional and adaptable central building for the neighbourhood. The innovative community hub was inaugurated on November 2, 2022.


【ADF Web Magazine】Fusion of Minimalist and Industrial Aesthetics Realized in Powerlong Ideas Lab in Shanghai

The Powerlong Ideas Lab in Shanghai is a multifunctional, composite office for workers and consumers. X+Living designed the Powerlong Ideas Lab as a place to create and disseminate more information for learning, hoping to complete the collaborative research and development of information technologies through interaction with consumers and information technology developers.


【ADF Web Magazine】A Theatre Production, A Concert Or A Puppet Show? My Neighbour Totoro At The Barbican London

Chartered Architect & Founder Von Chua introduces the My Neighbor Totoro Theater, currently running at the Barbican Center in London. The nostalgic world of movies that hit you with the pain of nostalgia is gaining popularity as a theatrical version. Tickets are sold out, but this article will give you a better idea of what to expect on stage.


【ADF Web Magazine】Pspspspspsps

Artist and freelance writer Keith Tolch explores Lexington, Virginia-born artist Cy Twombly's exhibition and works on view through December 17, 2022. What's a painting that tells you everything you need to know and everything you didn’t know you forgot? Enjoy the article and find your answer from the magazine.


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