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Art Gallery / Museum Information-Recommended Exhibition in January 2023

We present to you the Art Galleries and Museums Exhibitions in January 2023. In addition to the calendar of events, we provide detailed information, for example, about the exhibited works. Up-to-date information on opening hours can be found on the websites of each museum before you visit them.


【ADF Web Magazine】Lightscape at Brooklyn Botanic Garden presents Norman Mooney’s sculptures: Windseeds in New York City

Norman Mooney is pleased to unveil his new installation Windseeds at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden from November 16, 2022 to January 8, 2023. The three Windseed sculptures, commissioned for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and standing 12 feet, 10 feet, and 8 feet tall respectively, all take the same geometric structures as their point of departure.


【ADF Web Magazine】Gae Aulenti; A look at Japan and the world

Architect and researcher Matteo Belfiore presents the exhibition of Gae Aulenti, a versatile architect and tenacious woman who was among the first to take up a profession considered 'masculine'. The architect was also a product designer, set designer and urban planner. Matteo presents the architect's representative works, including the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the Palazzo Heres Grassi in Venice, and the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and explains her distinguished professors' views on architecture.

Please enjoy the article about her work, which will go down in history as a brilliant architect.


【ADF Web Magazine】Tiny Solar Home on Water Becomes a Personal Retreat and a Cozy Travelling Nest

With the world seemingly turned upside down due to pandemic travel restrictions, the effects of global warming, conflict, an energy crisis and more, the time has never been more urgent for a refuge with a high level of self-sufficient energy and the ability to remain mobile despite growing challenges. Crossboundaries has developed a fully solar-powered motorboat with the features of a high-end tiny home that can function as a traveling nest in slow motion.


【ADF Web Magazine】Presentaion of the new MILANO STYLE Collection by LILI CEMENT TILE

MILANO STYLE Collection was created with Italian design, American industry and direction, and Vietnamese craftsmanship and production. Three souls united to create a sophisticated cement tile collection with a modern and current taste - Infinite solutions from LILI CEMENT TILE, to cover walls and floors with 13 color variations - and 5 designs.


【ADF Web Magazine】Escaleras y Mirador Vela: a Unique Viewing Platform Over the Mediterranean Sea Barcelona, Spain

External Reference presents a new architectural and urban planning project on the Barceloneta seafront that creates a new balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea as a unique viewing platform above the city, connecting Passeig del Mare Nostrum with Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents in Barceloneta.


【ADF Web Magazine】San Francisco Conservatory of Music’s New Ute and William K. Bowes, Jr. Center, a Cutting Edge Vertical C

The Ute & William K. Bowes, Jr. Center for Performing Arts at the San Francisco Civic Center, the city's performing arts center, is located in the heart of the city. Center for Performing Arts at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM) was designed by Mark Cavagnero Associates (Cavagnero) as a "vertical campus" that combines student housing, dining halls, classrooms, rehearsal spaces, performance spaces, and a radio station under one roof.


Hong Kong News December 2022

We have received a new report supported by GARDE!

Noi, the new restaurant lounge led by Argentinian-born Michelin-starred chef, Paulo Airaudo, has opened at the newly refurbished Four Seasons hotel in Hong Kong. The restaurant was designed by interior design studio AB Concept. The overall design pays homage to Chef Airaudo's Italian-Argentinian ancestry by fusing Italian architecture with modern furniture, along with a statement wine cellar. Noi, which translates to "we" or "us" in Italian, offers diners an authentic fine-dining experience and a window into Chef Airaudo's world, complete with playful furnishings that were influenced by his travels as well as pop-art references alluding to his tattoos, favorite movies and video games. Following a design brief set by Airaudo himself, AB Concept has divided the new restaurant into two key zones: an Italian style dining room, and a more casual breakout lounge featuring a wine bar kiosk and panoramic views over Hong Kong.


【ADF Web Magazine】Designed by Takenaka Corporation Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP The Office Inspired by Woven Fabrics

In designing the headquarters of ZOZO, the company behind the fashion e-commerce website "ZOZOTOWN," Takenaka Corporation & Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP aimed to create a "regionally integrated office" that grows with the city, based on the vision that the city itself is an office, where needs such as cafes, parks, daycare centres, gyms, and more are outsourced to the city rather than provided internally. In this way, employees become ideal feedback providers for the company's core business while building a relationship with the city and its residents.



Architect Valentina Cannava shows the Christmas scenery in Tokyo: the special lighting and other aspects of Roppongi Hills and Omotesando will make you feel the glorious Christmas and New Year holidays.


【ADF Web Magazine】The Whitney Museum Organizes The First Exhibition To Focus On Edward Hopper’s Life In New York City

Development Writer Riley Yaxley reports on the exhibition "Edward Hopper's New York" at the Whitney Museum of American Art, which brings together many of Edward Hopper's most iconic works to create a complex and compelling portrait of a rapidly evolving New York. The exhibition illustrates the artist's enduring fascination with the city through more than 200 paintings, watercolors, prints, and drawings from the Whitney's outstanding Hopper collection, loans from public and private collections, and archival materials including printed ephemera, correspondence, photographs, and notebooks.


【ADF Web Magazine】Hotel Natura Extension designed by ENOTA Rogla, Slovenia

Hotel Natura, designed by ENOTA, is one of the first points of contact for visitors to the Rogla sports and tourist center. It was built as the last addition to a group of hotels and represents perhaps the greatest visual departure from the recognizable expression of previous interventions, which made greater reference to the local, rural developed landscape.


【ADF Web Magazine】Refugees Play Central Role in New International Museum FLUGT in Denmark

Designed by architects BIG -Bjarke Ingels Group and exhibition designers Tinker Imagineers, the FLUGT Refugee Museum of Denmark officially opened in late June with Queen Margrethe II in attendance. The exhibitions use personal stories to put a face to history and abstract numbers, showing the connection between the local history of Oksbøl and today's refugee crisis. The search for refuge and the tensions that accompany it are timeless and can affect anyone.


【ADF Web Magazine】Workplace Design; Is That Phone Booth Available?

Chartered Architect & Founder Von Chua introduces the new way of designing workplaces to the environmental story. Many workplaces are still adopting hybrid ways of working, but the return to the office is not yet what it was before the pandemic. There is also the question of what employers and employees expect in an era where face-to-face presence is still mandatory. What kind of office environment will be appropriate in the future? With Von Chua, you can explore new values.



Product designer Virginia Alluzzi talks with Zena Adhami, the Syrian designer who physically explored the word "love" in Arabic by tufting it into rugs. The author also talks in detail about the artist's experiences and roots, and how she creates her art. Enjoy the content of the interesting interview in this article.


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