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【ADF Web Magazine】Dark Matter. The paintings of Carmen Herrera

Artist and Freelance Writer Keith Tolch intoroduces Carmen Herrera Exhibition at Lisson Gallery, Los Angeles. The sight of Herrera's work made the author so nervous and excited that it literally shook her. Enjoy the article about the author's profound thoughts on the subject and the photos of the works.


【ADF Web Magazine】“Binary Spectrum” an Art Installation Designed by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

For the lobby atrium of one of these new buildings on King Street in downtown Kitchener, Canada, Dubbeldam Architecture + Design designed Binary Spectrum, a site-specific installation that draws ideas from the region's rich history of manufacturing and its transformation into an emerging technology hub. The three-story-high installation consists of 8,000 coloured discs of varying diameters suspended from 650 wire cables.


【ADF Web Magazine】Video projection born from unprecedented collaboration : Thought-Provoking Science

Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Acfas, and the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership are pleased to present a new video projection entitled Matière à réflexion on the expansive façade of UQAM's Président-Kennedy Pavilion from May 2 to June 8, 2023. Celebrating Acfas' 100th anniversary, the work is based on 13 award-winning images from the association's highly acclaimed La preuve par l'image competition.


【ADF Web Magazine】SOUR and Seoinn Design Group designed Chimneys Are the New “Sexy” in South Korea

The Metropolitan City of Incheon, together with the Housing and City Development Corporation, organized an international competition for the new Geomdan Museum Library Cultural Complex. Among 75 entries from around the world that responded to the open call, SOUR, in collaboration with Seoinn Design Group, was selected among the Final 5 to present for the second stage of evaluations in front of an international jury


【ADF Web Magazine】Yanfeng Anting Showroom Renovation Project by Studio DOTCOF

This showroom is in a three-story brick building built in 1992 within Yanfeng Auto Trim System Company's Anting plant in Shanghai. The client wanted to add a showroom on the ground floor to display its automotive interior and exterior products to customers; the second and third floors were reserved for office functions.


Meet Nail Flag Store by 8877 Interiors

MEET NAIL is a high-end chain nail brand store. The site is located in Shanghai along the Xuhui Riverside. The basement floor serves as the outdoor setting, and there is not much lighting. As a result, the initial design concept was to "borrow light" from diverse angles as much as possible to enhance the amount of indoor light.


【ADF Web Magazine】POST headquarters linking the contemporary and the historical, designed by Metaform Architects

Designed by Metaform Architects, the new headquarters POST is located in a very special urban environment. Located in the densest district of Luxembourg, opposite the city's main transportation hub, it is characterised by Haussmann architecture with massive natural stone facades.


Songyun Villa by Bob Chen Design Office

Situated in the bustling downtown of Changzhou, the hundred-year old Songyun Villa has now been opened to public after renovation. While remaining the original architectural style, an exquisite and deluxe restaurant has been built in the courtyard. The restaurant features the functional spaces for dining, high-end banquet, wine tasting, tea drinking and courtyard leisure, with 15 boxes of various sizes and one big dining hall.



Product Designer Virginia Alluzzi explores safety thinking by quoting Mike Hewson, "Playing Risky: The Danger of Thinking Safely" Accepting risk is only part of accepting life. She introduces his project, which intentionally seeks to be the most rewarding experience for children as they discover the limits of small societies and build with their friends in an unplanned environment.


【ADF Web Magazine】“mum” project changes course and embraces the uncontrollable nature of ocean plastics

Product Designer Virginia Alluzzi introduces the architectural design studio behind the "mum" project. This studio is a sustainable start-up from Japan that aims to re-evaluate marine pollution. In a world where marine plastics have become part of the environment, this project presents marine plastics as natural materials by accepting the materials as they are.


【ADF Web Magazine】ACDF’s Office Design for 2K is a “Cloud Chamber” of Warmth and Sophistication

When American video game publisher 2K commissioned ACDF to design its Montreal office, the local firm came up with a creative approach more reminiscent of a boutique hotel than a tech headquarters. With its warmth and sophistication, the project is a good example of how ACDF reinvents the ambience of specific programs, such as offices, charging traditional elements with emotion without extravagance.


【ADF Web Magazine】Residential Renovation Project “Harty House” Designed by Atelier SUN

Harty House, an oasis in the suburbs, is a renovation project by Toronto design firm Atelier SUN. The design masters the challenge of transforming a prefabricated house into a minimalist and serene living space.


【ADF Web Magazine】PULO MARKET, a community commercial facility by a9a rchitects

With the current development of urban society, the concept of "community" is being mentioned more and more frequently, in the face of the upgrading of urban development, a9a rchitects has designed the PULO Market, which integrates a variety of living functions to promote community interaction and interaction.


Art Gallery / Museum Information-Recommended Exhibition in March 2023

We present the exhibitions of art galleries and museums in March 2023. In addition to the schedule of events, we will provide you with detailed information such as the works on display. Please check the website of each museum for current opening hours before visiting.


【ADF Web Magazine】The Break Residence Designed by MU Architecture

Built on the shore of Lake Revdor, in Quebec's Laurentians region, the Break Residence reveals different faces, depending on whether it is discovered from the water or the ground. Encapsulating the idea of “home,” this luxurious residence aids in fulfilling a man’s wish to build his final home on the land of his ancestors. Opening itself up over three levels, this spacious home serves as a place of welcoming and gathering for a small community formed by the few neighbouring houses.


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