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【ADF Web Magazine】Restaurant La Maruca de lopez de Hoyos Opens in Madrid

If the city of Madrid used to have a beach - on the banks of the Manzanares, 10 minutes by bus from the city center - today the new restaurant La Maruca, designed by the Madrid architecture firm Zooco, draws a maritime club into the heart of the capital and is a tribute to the great rationalist architecture.


【ADF Web Magazine】Into PANTONE’s world

Over the years, Valentina Cannava discovered how PANTONE color affects many areas, and several questions came to her mind. What does PANTONE mean? Why does the PANTONE COLOR INSTITUTE exist ? What is the brand that creates its PANTONE and what is the meaning behind it? She will accompany you in search of the answers.


【ADF Web Magazine】Mushroom Brick Pyramid designed by Studio Link-Arc in Shenzhen, China

Mycelia (fungi) are living, root-like structures that can sometimes cover thousands of acres. They have tremendous abilities to survive and adapt to different environments and their requirements. With this installation designed by the Link-Arc studio, the office wants to think about such organisms, visualize them and learn from them to adapt the languages and techniques of architecture to the future.


【ADF Web Magazine】250℃ PLUS line from ASA SELECTION designed by Studio Original Designers 6R5 Network in Milan

Art Director Yvonne Schubkegel of Asa, is a collection of multifunctional porcelain casserole dishes that allow you to cook, serve and eat. An all-in-one solution that was launched in 2008 and immediately became an international success, earning it the award for Kitchen Innovation of the Year in 2010 and still today, in 2023, continues to amaze the world of gastronomy.


【ADF Web Magazine】Nerma Linsberger ZT GmbH named finalist in A+ Awards 2022’s Best Residential Firm

Vienna-based Nerma Linsberger ZT GmbH is currently working on a variety of projects throughout Europe. Nerma Linsberger's architecture emerges from a careful figure-ground relationship and a real-time analysis of the evolution of the urban structures in which we live. As one of the leading offices for sustainable social housing in Vienna, the office sees itself as a link between the different levels of the sustainable cycle.


【ADF Web Magazine】Vertical Vanish|Rita Ackermann

Artist and freelance writer Keith Tolch introduces Rita Ackermann's exhibition. "Vertical Vanish," on view at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles through April 30. You can imagine the exhibition through the author's thoughts and photographs of the works.


【ADF Web Magazine】POST headquarters linking the contemporary and the historical, designed by Metaform Architects

Designed by Metaform Architects, the new headquarters POST is located in a very special urban environment. Located in the densest district of Luxembourg, opposite the city's main transportation hub, it is characterised by Haussmann architecture with massive natural stone facades.


Songyun Villa by Bob Chen Design Office

Situated in the bustling downtown of Changzhou, the hundred-year old Songyun Villa has now been opened to public after renovation. While remaining the original architectural style, an exquisite and deluxe restaurant has been built in the courtyard. The restaurant features the functional spaces for dining, high-end banquet, wine tasting, tea drinking and courtyard leisure, with 15 boxes of various sizes and one big dining hall.


【ADF Web Magazine】Mediterranean Flavor Blended “Compartir Restaurant” in Barcelona Designed by EL EQUIPO CREATIVO

Introducing the Compartir Restaurant, a design studio that recreates the landscape and artistic spirit of the town of Cadaqués, which Dali loved.
The studio by El Equipo Creativo brings the essence of the Mediterranean town of Cadaqués, famous as Dali's city and the birthplace of the restaurant, to the concept of a new restaurant in Barcelona. The design, which reinterprets the picturesque theme from the perspective of the modern city, merges with the colorful cuisine to create a space where you can fully feel the essence of the Mediterranean.



Product Designer Virginia Alluzzi explores safety thinking by quoting Mike Hewson, "Playing Risky: The Danger of Thinking Safely" Accepting risk is only part of accepting life. She introduces his project, which intentionally seeks to be the most rewarding experience for children as they discover the limits of small societies and build with their friends in an unplanned environment.


【ADF Web Magazine】Locality: Examining the Soul of Architecture and Design

In the world of architecture, the interplay of local culture and design is like a dance. Every movement is choreographed to create a harmonious expression of the community's identity, values, and traditions. Like a symphony, the buildings and structures of a city or town work together to create a unique melody that represents the soul of a place. But this dance is not always easy because, as with any performance, mistakes can be made. A planner may try to impose his own style, disregarding the local culture, resulting in a building that looks like a discordant tone and does not fit its surroundings. Hope you enjoy the article reported by Nader Sammouri.


【ADF Web Magazine】“mum” project changes course and embraces the uncontrollable nature of ocean plastics

Product Designer Virginia Alluzzi introduces the architectural design studio behind the "mum" project. This studio is a sustainable start-up from Japan that aims to re-evaluate marine pollution. In a world where marine plastics have become part of the environment, this project presents marine plastics as natural materials by accepting the materials as they are.


【ADF Web Magazine】ACDF’s Office Design for 2K is a “Cloud Chamber” of Warmth and Sophistication

When American video game publisher 2K commissioned ACDF to design its Montreal office, the local firm came up with a creative approach more reminiscent of a boutique hotel than a tech headquarters. With its warmth and sophistication, the project is a good example of how ACDF reinvents the ambience of specific programs, such as offices, charging traditional elements with emotion without extravagance.


【ADF Web Magazine】Residential Renovation Project “Harty House” Designed by Atelier SUN

Harty House, an oasis in the suburbs, is a renovation project by Toronto design firm Atelier SUN. The design masters the challenge of transforming a prefabricated house into a minimalist and serene living space.


【ADF Web Magazine】PULO MARKET, a community commercial facility by a9a rchitects

With the current development of urban society, the concept of "community" is being mentioned more and more frequently, in the face of the upgrading of urban development, a9a rchitects has designed the PULO Market, which integrates a variety of living functions to promote community interaction and interaction.


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