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【ADF Web Magazine】The Architectural Alchemy of Fostering Community Connections

Architect Nader Sammouri discusses how architecture shapes social interactions, emphasizing spaces like parks and public buildings as catalysts for community cohesion and identity. Examples like the Berlin Wall and Sagrada Familia illustrate how architecture can either divide or unite communities, highlighting its profound influence on cultural narratives and societal connections.


【ADF Web Magazine】Architecture Hunter Awards 2024 is now accepting entries

Celebrating over a decade of inspiring design professionals, Architecture Hunter launches the first Architecture Hunter Awards (AHA). This initiative embodies our passion for architecture and its transformative power on urban landscapes and human experiences. AHA spotlights and honors contributions that redefine our built environment and significantly impact the architectural domain. Architecture Hunter invites architects, students, photographers, filmmakers, and enthusiasts worldwide to participate in AHA, celebrating architectural excellence globally, and recognizing both established and emerging talents. AHA accepts projects up to 10 years old across 28 different categories. Entries for the Architecture Hunter Awards 2024 are open until August 25th.


【ADF Web Magazine】Private Residence like a 5-star Hotel in the Desert by Daniel Joseph Chenin

Daniel Joseph Chenin crafts a cinematic residence in 20000-sf width, blending architecture and art, that serves as a family-centered hideaway on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. The client, a prominent couple, decided to leave their Hidden Hills home in Southern California to plant roots in Las Vegas, their focus was on family connections. Arriving at a pivotal point in their active lives, the clients wanted a house that could function as a fully-accommodating gathering space for the entire clan during holidays and seasonal visits, but which would also provide them with a retreat for themselves.


【ADF Web Magazine】From Calder to Bourgeois at the Chateau La Coste, France

Von Chua's article details the transformation of Chateau La Coste, a French estate revitalized by Irish businessman Paddy McKillen. Initially a vineyard, it now features artworks and structures by renowned artists and architects like Tadao Ando and Richard Rogers. The Centre d’Art by Ando and installations like Alexander Calder’s "Small Crinkly" mark its artistic significance. The estate also boasts a restaurant, Helene Darroze at Villa La Coste, emphasizing local ingredients. Under McKillen's vision, Chateau La Coste has become a celebrated destination for art, architecture, and gastronomy enthusiasts.


【ADF Web Magazine】A Small Penthouse “Dolce Far Niente” designed by Brakara Studio in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona interior designer, Brákara Studio, proudly unveils the spectacular refurbishment of this penthouse, located in a old residential building that goes largely unnoticed among the imposing tall office buildings of Zona Fira in L'Hospitalet (Barcelona).


【ADF Web Magazine】Vietnamese Furniture and Lighting Brand BaNG Presents its Latest Lighting Collection, Lop

Vietnamese furniture and lighting brand BằNG presents its latest lighting collection, Lớp. This artful lighting collection embodies an innovative idea: a sphere floating amidst layers. When lit, reflections of the sphere materialize on the acrylic layers, evoking images of a sphere in motion. Even though the sphere is stationary, its multiple reflections instill a sense of movement.


Daminghu 100 Culture & Arts Centre by TAOA

It's a building renovation project. In an old traditional neighborhood, the base is located on the south shore of Jinan DaMing Lake. The building has been transformed from offices and a hotel into an artistic and cultural complex, opening up to the city with a simple and distinctive personality, reuniting the natural landscape of lake and the lakeside historical and cultural district, activating and bringing new vitality to this historic city.


Get Ready for ARCHIDEX 2024

ARCHIDEX, Malaysia's largest architecture exhibition, will be held for the 23rd consecutive year from July 3-6 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and is poised to transform the industry with the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies. NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) is supporting the event as one of its media partners.


【ADF Web Magazine】Narsigarh House, a Private Residence by Sanjay Puri Architects that Preserves Local Architectural Traditi

Situated in the arid desert region of Nokha in Rajasthan, India, the Narsighar house designed by Sanjay Puri Architects, imbibes the traditional planning principles of the regional architecture prevalent for centuries in Rajasthan. The home based on the client's needs to accommodate 4 generations has 9 bedrooms with multifunctional living spaces, sheltered courtyards, and patios all around.


【ADF Web Magazine】NEUF architect(e)s Delivers State-Of-The-Art Jet Manufacturing Facility for Bombardier at Toronto Pearson

Bombardier Inc. (TSX: BBD.B) celebrates the grand opening of its leading-edge Global jet aircraft manufacturing campus at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Designed by NEUF architect(e)s, the 750,000 sq ft facility sets a new standard for enabling precision, efficiency, and sustainability in the aerospace industry, achieving an integrated workplace environment similar in complexity to a healthcare complex.


【ADF Web Magazine】New Delft Blue designed by Studio RAP

New Delft Blue is a pioneering project in the historic Dutch city Delft, designed and 3D printed by Studio RAP. By fusing 3D clay printing, computational design, and artisanal glazing, New Delft Blue hopes to unfold a new architectural potential of ceramic ornamentation in the 21st century.


Shenzhen Guangming International Equestrian Center by Tanghua Architects

The Guangming International Equestrian Center is in the Guangming Subdistrict of Guangming District, Shenzhen. It serves as the main venue for dressage and show jumping events of the 15th National Games and is the only newly constructed venue for the Shenzhen section of the games. The project spans an area of 50,018 square meters, with a total construction area of 69,000 square meters. The facility boasts a main arena, an indoor training hall, an outdoor training field, event spaces, and stables that can house 200 horses.


Art Gallery/Museum Information - Recommended Exhibitions in June 2024

We feature the exhibitions of art galleries and museums in June 2024. In addition to the schedule of events, we will provide you with detailed information, such as the works on display. Before your visit, please check each museum's website for the current opening hours.


【ADF Web Magazine】Margot Krasojevic Architects Unveil Thermodynamic Wind Turbine Chapel and Club

Margot Krasojević Architects have unveiled a project for a cliffside chapel in Montenegro, designed to deliver renewable energy to worshipping communities. Montenegro, with its rich history of religion and politics, saw Orthodox Christians retreat to the mountains during the Ottoman Empire and great wars. Today, it is a tourist and mining hub with unexcavated mountain tunnels leading to the Adriatic Sea.


【ADF Web Magazine】Zilio A&C launches a collaboration with Alessandro Stabile

Renowned Milanese designer Alessandro Stabile and historic Friulian brand Zilio A & C are collaborating for the first time to present two projects: the AX stool and the Mule bench family. This partnership showcases a profound aesthetic and functional affinity, combining Stabile's innovative vision with Zilio A & C's craftsmanship, established in 1951 in the Udine chair district.


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