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DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019 - Call For Entry !

2019.04.18 up

DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019 that ADF has supported will open for global submission from April 1 till June 28, 2019. Submissions by 30 April 2019 will enjoy a 50% off on registration fee.

In the past 15 years, DFA Design for Asia Awards, organized by Hong Kong Design Centre and funded by Create Hong Kong, has been an influential platform in underpinning designers’ contribution and acknowledging the positive impact of user-centric designs in Asia. The Awards covers a total of 26 design categories under four design disciplines: (1) Apparel & Accessory, (2) Communication, (3) Environmental and (4) Product and Industrial Design.

Design projects, produced and launched in one or more Asian markets between 1 January 2017 and 31 May 2019, are eligible for the Awards submission.

Online Submission:
Award video:

Winners of ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019 Announcement!

2019.03.22 up

We are pleased to announce the winners of ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019.A meeting of ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019 Excellence Award Selection Committee was held at Milan, Italy.This year 1 Best Performance Award winner and 2Outstanding Performance Award winners were selected.

Here are the winners and the review from the judge follows.

Call For Entries: ASA International Design Competition 2019!

2019.03.14 up

The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA) in Thailand announces the ASA International Design Competition 2019. This year is dedicated to fresh ideas in sustainability – approaches so radical, unanticipated, and transformative they earn the epithet ‘uncanny’. This competition aims that the applicants present ideas that surprise and challenge our assumptions and widen our views of what is possible.

The competition is also open to all entries from students, architects, urban planners, designers, artists, and thinkers. No restrictions on age, gender, or nationality. Besides, the registration is free. Please apply if you are interested!

Application deadline: Apr 5, 2018

Singapore Design Week 2019!!

2019.03.04 up

Singapore Design Week is held from 4 to 17 March 2019.NPO ADF(Aoyama Design Forum) proudly supports the Singapore Design Week(SDW)organized by DesignSingapore Councilas one of the media partners this year as well.

For more details

Design Anthology Awards 2019 Results

2019.02.25 up

The inaugural Design Anthology Awards results were officially announced at an event held at Hong Kong luxury hotel The Murray on February 22, 2019.Design Anthology has created the Awards programme to acknowledge the importance of design in today’s culture and industry, and recognize the talent and vision in the region.

Best Graduates Award 2018 of the Polytechnic University of Milan!

2019.02.05 up

ADF(NPO Aoyama Design Forum) participated as one of the supporters in the Premio Neolaureati 2018 Awards ceremony of the Polytechnic University of Milan(Politecnico di Milano), which has produced prominent architects and designers.
This award provides opprtunity for letting newly graduat to getting into real filed problems and also allows their outstanding thesis open to the public.
Please click "Here" to see the first classified of the Newly Graduate Award 2018 and also feel the atmosphere of the award ceremony!

Result of ADF Design Award 2019

2019.01.25 up

We are adraid to announce that there was no project selected as a winner of ADF Design Award 2019 which we co-host with ASA (The Association of Siamese Architects Under Royal Patronage).
However, we selected the following project for the consolation prize. For the project information, please click Here.

■Consolation Prize: Wannapha Fishery Community - Mr. NAKHARIN PITAK


2018.11.30 up

The Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) is the national institute representing the interior design profession in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

MIID has hosted various award programs recognizing and celebrating various interior designers across Kuala Lumpur and beyond.It is their honor to recognize each of the award recipients for their many accomplishments.

For more details

Business of Design Week (BODW) 2018 !

2018.11.02 up

Organised by Hong Kong Design Centre, the 17th edition of Business of Design Week (BODW), Asia’s leading annual design event, will be held in Hong Kong from 3-8 December, 2018. Delivering ahost of international innovators and creative powerhouses from across a multitude of disciplines,BODW continues to provide a platform to present the latest industry insights and to promote the wide and strategic use of design for cities, the economy, culture and the living.

BODW 2018 will take on the theme ‘Think ∙ Collaborate ∙ Create’. This year’s programme will focuson design and innovation in branding, space, communication, product, culture and the city. In addition,new sessions focusing on Digital & Design, Greater Bay Area & Design and more, will be introducedthis year. ADF will proudly support the BODW 2018 as one of the media partners. If you have interest,please join the event!

* a 30% discount will be offered to ADF members and friends of supporting organization.

Online Submission:
Promo code: MD3TZYM

ADF Awards has been introduced in AIA NYS magazine!

2018.10.12 up

ADF awards has been published in a quarterly magazine published by the American Institute of Architect New York State Branch (AIA NYS).

■For more details:

ADF Webmagazine has published!

2018.10.12 up

ADF published new webmagazine site which offers design trends and unique information from all over the world!


ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019

2018.10.11 up

ADF is decided to exhibit showcase in “Milano Salone”, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition held once a year in Milano, Italy in 2019. We invite the design worldwide for the “ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019 ”.

■For more information::

We are pleased to announce that NPO Aoyama Design Forum will be offering our first co-sponsored award,“ADF Design Award 2019”

2018.09.21 up

We are pleased to announce that NPO Aoyama Design Forum will be offering our first co-sponsored award,“ADF Design Award 2019”, with the cooperation of The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA).
The theme of the award is “Restructuring the Asian Depopulating Community Through Architecture”. In some regional communities in Asian countries, depopulation has become a serious problem. Considering the way the residents are living in the areas and the way these existing communities should be, how do you think you can help rebuild the area as a sustainable community through architecture? There is no limit to age or nationality for application.
For more information please click the ”Details". We are looking forward to your innovative ideas!

■For more information:

The Design Anthology Awards 2019 Calls for Entries!

2018.07.06 up

The Design Anthology Awards 2019 submission portal is open and accepting entries until 30 September 2018. There is a total of 21 awards over three categories: People, Places, and Products. ADF supports this Awards as one of the sponsors.

The Design Anthology has a stellar lineup of judges: Soo Khian Chan of SCDA, Aric Chen of M+ Museum, Njusja de Gier of kvadrat, André Fu of AFSO, Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu of Neri&Hu, Peer Linder of bulthaup, Joyce Wang of Joyce Wang Studio, and Marisa Yiu of ESKYIU and Design Trust.

For more details head to the Awards website. The Design Anthology looks forward to receiving your entries!


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