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Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) 2021| Hong Kong Design Center

With the development of IT and the internationalization of business, the importance of design in the service industry is coming back to the forefront in the new economy, where economic growth will continue for a long time. It is essential not to overlook the critical points of design, which is the core of people's activities, so that they can find value and develop rich experiences even as technology advances innovatively. The Hong Kong Design Center (HKDC) will hold an annual Knowledge of Design week (KODW) event for a global audience, following on from the previous year and held virtually. ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum) supports the event again this year as a media partner for KODW2021.

The theme is "Rethinking Service Economy"
This year's theme is "Reimagining Service Economy". It is an opportunity to learn how design in services will transform our lives in the future, including retail, hospitality, smart living and aging.

Over 50 leading international leaders will come together
Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) 2021 will bring together over 50 innovative leaders and experts from around the world to discuss strategies and thoughts on how we are moving towards the new normal and how best to do so. Share It's a great opportunity to develop breakthrough ideas to solve our future urgent problems. Keynote speakers include 50+ entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and leading creatives from Google, Microsoft, Royal Philips, Siemens, ScenarioDNA, Royal College of Art, HSBC, OMA, AlipayHK, Huawei, K11 and Tencent. Take advantage of the great platform for sharing academic opinions and information in Asia.

Join the live stream for free
KODW attendees can connect with speakers and KODW members on the platform and participate for free from anywhere in the world. On the day of the event, Hong Kong's ViuTV Six (Ch 96), will be live streamed online and on social media at FIRST HYBRID LIVE Edition. Simultaneous interpretation of English, Cantonese and Putonghua will also be provided.

Session: 21 June (Monday) to 25 June (Friday), 2021.
Venue: Virtual

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