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The Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) is the national institute representing the interior design profession in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

MIID has hosted various award programs recognizing and celebrating various interior designers across Kuala Lumpur and beyond.It is their honor to recognize each of the award recipients for their many accomplishments.


HKDC Presents "Think Global, Think Hong Kong" @ Tokyo

Five distinguished design practitioners will be speaking at the mega event “Think Global, ThinkHong Kong” co-organised by HKDC (Hong Kong Design Centre) and HKTDC. The thematic session,“Design and Liveability” held in Tokyo on 1 Nov 2018 features internationally-renowned speakers, industry leaders and innovative thinkers who will share how design thinking and cross-sector collaboration can make the city more liveable and build a better and healthier future. Twelve Hong Kong designers will also showcase their outstanding designs at this session.

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Hong Kong Week 2018


AIACC Award Celebration

Each year, the AIA California Council (AIACC) hosts various award programs recognizing and celebrating various architects, firms, and architecture across the state of California and beyond.This year, it is their honor to recognize each of the award recipients for their many accomplishments in 2018 at the City Club of San Francisco.

As for ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum), we have been studying American architectural designer’strend, direction, and actual activities, so that we wish to share the link with them to expand our networking into the U.S. beyond our current Japan and South East Asia. As a part of our activities,ADF participated as one of the sponsors for this noteworthy celebration last week in San Francisco.


We need a writer !

Would you like to express to the world?

Why not send out the unique information that you saw and felt to all over the world?
The Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) had launched a new web magazine site to transmit unique information on trends in expressions and designs around the world. For this, ADF is recruiting writers to send out more world information. We cover a wide range of categories including Art and Architecture, Culture, IT, Urban theory, books such as Design Business etc., There are many diverse forms, such as posting of own design’s work, design art event, interview with designer etc.
Waiting for your application!


The MIID REKA Conference

The MIID REKA Conference organized annually by MIID since 2013. It is one of the main events of REKA Design Week.
The famous award-winning international designers from across the countries will showcase their work and share the ordinary space that they make extraordinary through their indivisual approaches and philosophies.
Participants shall have the chance to observe background of the development and how the talented designer incorporate different cultures, design settings, and different clients requests into practical and impressive design.

Date: 11/3/2018

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Media 10 China, which has held Design Shanghai, launches inaugural Design China Beijing. Design Shanghai is one of the world's most prestigious international design events and Asia’s premier design event. ADF supports their Design China Beijing as a media partner.

In the wake of the incredible growth of Design Shanghai and further to multiple requests for an international event serving the design community in the Beijing region, the Design Shanghai team will expand its reach by proudly launching Design China Beijing, which will open from September 20th to 23rd during the Beijing Design Week. With Design China Beijing, Media 10 China are set to bring more forward-looking and inspiring design content and build an event of the largest scale and highest standard ever! If you have interest in this event, please check the info.

■ More Info :
Design China Beijing:
Design Shanghai:
Media 10:


KODW (Knowledge of Design Week) 2018 in Hong Kong

KODW is a premier week of events on the latest design in Asia held by Hong Kong Design Centre from June 11th to June 15th. This year, KODW will envision cities of tomorrow by exploring the different elements of liveability through the lens of design.
If you are interested in good design and design thinking, or how Design - a human-centred conceptual approach identified by a big D - can possibly make our cities more liveable and rise to social challenges, the Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) is a must-go event for you!


Introduce a design magazine from Bangkok, “Art4d Magazine”.

Aoyama Design Forum(ADF) proudly introduces art4d, a design magazine publisher based in Bangkok, collaborating with ADF. Founded in 1995, art4d is a magazine created by designers for designers. art4d is for the benefit of designers, architects and artists, functioning as a venue for the exchange of ideas amongst art and design circles within Thailand – within Asia – and worldwide. If you are interested in art4d, please check it!

Official Website:
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Bangkok Design Festival Join now!

Bangkok Design Festival(BDF) celebrates the Thai and international design and creative fields from November 10, 2017 to December 3, 2017. For BDF 2017, the idea of a ‘Creative Map’ has been selected as the concept and focuses upon the creative power of the city while expanding to many spots alongside the city’s contemporary context and digital culture. If you have an interest in the festival, please join it!

For more information:
For more informations of Bangkok Design Festival 2017 click "Details"



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