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HKTDC holds DesignInspire 2020

DesignInspire, an annual creative showcase presented by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), is a celebration of world-class designs by global creative gurus, trending brands and design academies and institutions.

This year, DesignInspire will lead a virtual journey for industry elites and the public from December 3-9, 2020. Under the theme “Design for Good”, it will ponder how design can contribute positive energy to us, the community and the business world. This one-week virtual experience will feature an engaging showcase of designer projects, brilliant designer stories, fun interactive experiences and a range of inspiring talks and creative workshops. ADF proudly supports DesignInspire 2020 as a media partner.

1. Showcase of designer projects
130+ exhibitors, 240+ designers, 500+ projects, 6 countries & regions

(including overseas and 2 Hong Kong group pavilions such as Japan, Italy, Melbourne, Hangzhou, HKDC, HKDI)

Japan (Designer homeware products, construction-related and building materials)
Italy (Design education)
Melbourne (Wide range of design-related products and services including lighting, building materials, fashion, architectural design, etc.)
Hangzhou (Designer homeware and accessories, etc.)

Building materials and construction component;
Corporate gift;
Fashion and accessories;
Home appliances;
Living and home decor;

Architectural & interior design;
Branding and graphic design;
Digital design;
Experience design;
Furniture design;
Material design;
Product and industrial design;
Printing and packaging;
3D printing service
This year’s "Hong Kong Creative Force" pavilion will feature an array of community-minded design projects by ingenious local artists, exploring of the positive impact of design on cultural preservation, while paying homage to our home-grown young talents and local minorities. One of the highlights of the pavilion, “Happy Home”, is a collaborative design project which invites local young designers to design home décor or furniture that brightens up people's lives at home. Other honourable mentions include ceramics and fibre arts crafted by the disadvantaged, as well as a line-up of leaves arts, shutter arts, and documentary of staircase stores which characterise the local community culture.

2. Fun interactive experience
To offer an interactive experience to our fair visitors, a special web session – “Experience” will be curated by the project team, featuring interactive digital solutions/projects powered with different technologies. The experiences will be categorised into 3 types pampering our senses, providing visual enjoyment, audio indulgency and interactive gaming experiences to create an extraordinary online journey for our visitors. 23 companies confirmed their participation:

The Play Room (interactive mini games powered by technologies covering different interest i.e. drawing, story-telling, composing melody, etc.)
The Viewing Room (mainly drone videos and graphics created by AI)
The Music Room (mainly music pieces created by AI)

3. Designers stories
Inspirational design stories from creative elites in different design curriculums

4. Talks
The InnoTalk series will be livestreamed via Zoom and Youtube. Topics will cover (1) creative solutions for SMEs, as well as (2) practical business tips for designers.

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