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BODW 2020 : Beyond virtual. LIVE global

In times of change and ambiguity, this year’s BODW is curated on the theme VISION 20/21 and is about finding clarity in uncertainty. BODW 2020 is happening virtually from November 30 to December 5, 2020. Registration is now open. Early bird offer available till November 3. ADF(NPO Aoyama Design Forum) proudly supports BODW 2020 as a media partner.

BODW 2020 is a major flagship event in Asia for design, brands and innovation, and brings together visionaries, innovators and creative leaders across sectors and industries from around the world to help redesign a better future.

Its programme will explore exciting topics such as Creative Leadership, Safe Travels, Connected Health, Brand Futures, Circular Economy, Entwined Spaces, Communication & Design and Culture & the City to provide valuable and timely insights into future trends, and inspire participants to discover a new vision of success in the new normal.

With continued support from the UK (a strategic partner), BODW 2020 is Asia’s first flagship multi-channel even on design, innovation and brands, simulcast on TV, social media and physical event.

Check out more about the program details and speakers.

Thomas Heatherwick

André Fu

Morag Myerscough

About BODW
Asia’s premier annual event on design, innovation and brands since 2002, Business of Design Week (BODW) organised by Hong Kong Design Centre gathers some of the world’s most outstanding design masters and business influencers in Hong Kong, inspiring global audiences on the strategic value of design and innovation. It provides a valuable platform for business and creative leaders to exchange ideas, network, and explore new business opportunities.

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Time November 30 to December 5, 2020
Place Online and more ※details will be updated on website

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