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"1% for Art " Exhibition Curated by Design Pier at the Designart Tokyo 2019

About the exhibition of "1% for Art"

Design Pier proudly partners with DESIGNART TOKYO to curate and organize the Design Week’s main event joining the "1% for Art" program and presenting a divers array of highly creative design objects by design studios from the Asian continent.

The exhibition proposes a dialogue that reflects on the changes in international design, provoked by an alternative design thinking originating in Asia.

While design in Asia used to be conservative and risk averse, the new generation has a hunger for reinventing, rediscovering and imposing its own unique design thinking.

New Asian designers proudly embrace their traditions and boldly transform it into objects. Their works show strong marks of their respective cultures.

At the same time Western designers go beyond simple imitation and they genuinely integrate the philosophy and the attitude of different design trends in Asia or influence a new design thinking while collaborating with Asian designers.

World Kita Aoyama Building


A Space, Alvin T, Apical Reform, Bingqui Lee, Coalesce, Gabriel Tan, H220430, Hans Tan, Jarrod Lim, Jatra, Karina Sukar, Masaya – Apiwat Chitapanya, Nissa Kinzhalina, Shigeki Yamamoto, Studio Juju, Teerapoj Teeropas, Tiffany Loy, Vu Hoang Anh


"Designart Tokyo" is a design & art festival held every fall. There are many exhibitions to bring together diverse objects and experiences created in crossover fields of art, interior design, fashion, and food from around the globe to be presented on the stages in various locations in Tokyo, one of the world's leading mixed culture cities.

【About Design Pier】

Design Pier aims to add a new dimension and a new flavor to Asia’s design scene via its curated exhibitions, talks, events and partnerships.

Design Pier’s professional design exhibitions present leading edge contemporary designers with unique, high- end design pieces appealing to collectors, buyers, architects, journalists and a design and art-savvy public at large.

Besides bringing together the best of contemporary and international design talents, Design Pier’s team carefully selects the exhibited pieces around specific themes and offers a strong content with a synthetic overview on the different design trends.

【Event Info】

Title : 1 % for Art
Venue : World Kita Aoyama Building
Address : 3-5-10 Kitaaoyama, Minato, Tokyo
Period : October 18th - October 27th, 2019
Hours : 10:00〜19:00

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