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International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering will be held in Barcelona, Spain, March 10-12, 2022, and aims to be one of the leading conferences in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. Organized by PAGES, the conference brings together scientists from around the world to present the latest research and advances in relevant fields and provides an ideal environment for new scientific collaborations.


【USA】Design Principles & Practices Research Network

Founded in 2007, the Design Principles & Practices Research Network provides an interdisciplinary forum to explore the meaning and purpose of design. From a professional and disciplinary perspective, the network spans a wide range of disciplines to construct a transdisciplinary dialog that encompasses a broad spectrum of design paradigms and practices.


【UK】The Design Society

The Design Society is an association of individuals across the world, who deeply care about design. It is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organisation. The Design Society is a charitable body, registered in Scotland . Since 2000 the Society has held the ICED conferences biennially in Stockholm, Melbourne, Paris, Stanford, Copenhagen, Seoul, Milan, and Vancouver. The Design Society presents a wide range of conferences and meetings on design for professionals online.


The Service Design Network (SDN)

Founded in 2004, the Service Design Network (SDN) is the leading non-profit institution for expertise in service design and a driver of global growth, development and innovation within the practice. Through national and international events, online and print publications, and coordination with academic institutions, their member-based network connects diverse roles within agencies, businesses, and governments to strengthen the impact of service design in the public and private sectors. The SDN regularly organises conferences and workshops to promote networking between private and public institutions, companies and public authorities.


【Croatia】DESIGN Conference

The DESIGN Conference is a conference that integrates design from different fields, covers interdisciplinary aspects of design incorporating state-of-the-art technology, and provides a high level of information. We call on researchers and business people to attend. Despite the spread of corona infection, the online event was attended by more than 30 countries around the world in 2020. The Design Conference is an event for creatives. Each year it navigates the future of design, including how you can actively participate.


【Germany】International Conference at Civil Engineering and Architectural Design

International Conference at Civil Engineering and Architectural Design was held in Munich, Germany from 01 to 03 July 2021. CEAD Germany 2021 was themed "Innovations, Outcomes and New Technologies in Civil Engineering and Architecture". In particular, the Civil Engineering Conference 2021 represents the instructive, innovative work around the world. CEAD Germany 2021 aimed primarily to provide a stage for professionals and experts from academia and industry to engage with the latest cutting-edge developments in the field.


【USA】The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture

The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture is an international network of researchers and professionals in digital design. We promote critical engagement with the role of computers in architecture, planning and building science, and encourage innovation in design, creativity, sustainability and education. The Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture reguraly hosts a number of events, including conferences and workshops worldwide.


International Association of Societies of Design Research(The School of Design)

IASDR is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization composed of members of the design research community. It is the congress of the International Association of Societies of Design Research. IASDR 2021 participation formats include full and short papers, pictorials, designed objects, workshops and panel discussions, as well as graduate consortium.



digitalBAU - Trade Fair for Digital Solutions in the Construction Industry. In February 2022, Koelnmesse will host the "digitalBAU" trade fair for the second time. This new platform for software companies and industry has emerged from a cooperation between Messe Muenchen and BVBS - Bundesverband Bausoftware - and is a forward-looking format for the construction sector. The place to be, where science and technology meet human application.


【USA】The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA)

ICAA workshops introduce students pursuing professional studies in architecture and related fields to the vitality of the classical tradition in contemporary architectural design. Workshops are held both in person and online. All Workshops provide credit towards the ICAA's Certificate in Classical Architecture. Online programs are typically hosted in collaboration with a university partner, but the ICAA also offers online open access workshops open to current university students from all schools. The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the practice, understanding, and appreciation of classic design. To do this, the ICAA offers a wide range of educational programs. The ICAA is a national organization with 15 local chapters across the country and headquarters in New York City. Each chapter organizes its own local program to reflect the unique membership and architectural traditions in its region.


【Spain】The Catalan Institute for Advanced Architecture (IAAC)

IAAC organizes IAAC workshops for professionals interested in improving their computational design/programming skills or being introduced to new technological concepts such as machine learning and augmented reality. The goal of these workshops is to enhance the skills of the participants to meet the current needs and demands of the market. The workshops are open to professionals from different fields such as: Graphic Design, Architecture, Programming, Engineering and Product Design.


【USA】The Center for Architecture

The Center for Architecture offers customized workshops for architectural educators and leaders. Topics are broad and range from art and architecture to digital design and engineering projects. A lot of content is provided to help you design lessons STEAM.


【Belgium】Education Academy

The Education Academy presents architectural education workshops and seminars on architectural education in Europe and around the world. Through the workshops and seminars, we aim to ensure diversity in architectural education and build an open and collaborative community by addressing issues related to the situation and challenges of architectural institutions and teachers. During the workshop, participants will discuss and explore a specific topic as a problem.



Archistart is a new online platform to promote young international architects. It operates as a website that promotes the skills and abilities of young designers and supports future professionals working in the international architectural arena.


The Design History Workshop Japan

The Design History Workshop Japan was established in 2002. As a nationwide network of researchers, historians, students, designers, artisans, curators, patrons, collectors, and journalists, we have built and shaped a broad network for mutual and intellectual exchange between domestic and foreign members. It is a new academic field in Japan that promotes further development. Since its establishment in 2003, the organization has been presenting design news and information such as journals, symposia, research workshops, and related links.



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