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ADF has established media partnerships with Kyoto Global Design Awards and Designwanted, respectively

The NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) is pleased to announce that it has entered into media partnerships with Kyoto Global Design Award (KGDA) and DesignWanted. Through these partnerships, ADF will collaborate with the platforms that promote the development of design on a daily basis to provide useful information for all and promote the development of the design industry.

About the Kyoto Global Design Award (KGDA)

Kyoto Global Design Award (KGDA) is an international platform that celebrates the diversity of design from around the world, including Kyoto, one of the oldest cities in the world, based on the concept of "From Kyoto to the World". The company is currently based in Amsterdam.
Since its inception, the award has evolved into an international design competition that provides a comprehensive platform to recognize creative talent from around the world, regardless of origin or nationality. The annual judging brings together dozens of leading experts from various design fields. They use rigorous, fair and structured judging criteria to identify the best and most talented designers and to recognize innovative and functional designs that promote environmental friendliness, sustainability, beauty and usability.


About Designwanted

DesignWanted is a design magazine based in Milan, the capital of Design. It shares new content, projects and reports from the world of design, introducing you to the latest trends and ideas. In addition to the information it provides in collaboration with the most important design events around the world, we also publish columns by experienced professionals and interviews with experts at the forefront of the industry. Please use this content as a source of ideas for anyone involved in design.
For DesignWanted, design is more than just esthetics. Quality design helps create a better world. DesignWanted's mission is to understand the world of design and help designers improve their practice in the pursuit of design excellence.


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