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COCO WARP, Japan’s first full-scale virtual museum using cloud 3D rendering technology, opens in the Metaverse

NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) commissions a group of engineers "Team MeTa3030" to open a virtual museum "COCO WARP" in the Metaverse after taking a year and a half. By using various cutting-edge technologies, we will provide users with an overwhelming reality and performance that goes beyond the limits of VR. As an opening project, the first public exhibition of digital art will be held from June 15 to August 15, 2023 (scheduled). We will exhibit the works of 6 artists under the theme "A distant human journey, the unknown year 3030 - Humanity meets other cultures".

The unique feature of the museum "COCO WARP" is that it uses cloud 3D rendering technology, which enables efficient streaming of high-quality 3D images in real time, so that users can enjoy an immersive museum experience even from home. In addition, the highest quality visual experience has been achieved, such as the passage of time, the movement of the sun, the movement of the clouds, the movement of the shadow, the rustling of the trees and the swaying of the water surface. In addition, the museum "COCO WARP" has five exhibition rooms, a digital sound room, a mindfulness room, a multi-purpose hall and a café with a total area of over 5,000 square meters. Please enjoy the exhibition.

Participating artists

Ouma is a former veterinarian from Tokyo. Through his art he seeks a way to fulfill the essence of the work of a veterinarian, "to heal the human heart" Based on his experiences traveling around the world, he proposed the concept of "social therapy"," which combines his vision of life with medical care. He is chairman of the art project "SORA".

Eriko Shindo of camou Collage worked as a graphic designer after graduating from Kuwasawa Design School. She does art direction for many commercial designs. In 2018, she launched her art brand "Camouflage". In addition to her gallery, she works in a wide range of places such as department stores and art shops. She is developing in various fields such as collaboration with apparel and museums, providing visuals for companies and magazines.

Taiichiro Hibiya
Taiichiro Hibiya graduated from Musashino Art University's Graduate School of Art and Design with a major in Japanese painting. By drawing people's everyday lives and transforming them into works of art, he extracts the everyday life that proves it exists here. He creates works that serve to rethink the value and meaning of everyday life.

Kaoru Shibahara worked as an assistant in New York before becoming a commercial photographer/artist. She then shifted her work focus to Tokyo. In addition to advertising photography, as an artist he uses "glass eyes", "flowers", "Japanese paper" and "ribbons" to create photographs of subjects from the natural world (plants) and man-made subjects (ribbons, Japanese paper), and presents photographic works that express the creatures and phenomena that occur in the world of “Boficca” that he himself creates and hides in the depths of people’s hearts. He promotes a new awareness of the reverence for nature.

ZuiyO started making 3DCG art on his own while studying at university. In December 2022, he applied for the KYOTO CG ART CONTEST and passed the first screening. (Final results announced in February 2023). Current works are exhibited at the virtual Heian Shrine in NAKED GARDEN 1 KYOTO set in Kyoto. In March 2023, the ZuiyO Exhibition “Prism” has been held at Daikanyama ambivalence. Under the theme of "infinite colors and contrast of light and shadow by prism", a group of photorealistic works produced using 3DCG will be exhibited.

Shiro Taniguchi
Shiro Taniguchi was born in Nagoya, Japan. After graduating from the Tokyo Zokei University painting department abstract course, he worked for two design planning offices for four years before becoming a freelance illustrator. In October 2011, under the name of Lady Shirou, He began disguising himself with beards under the themes of "liberation of the mind," "a world without discrimination and prejudice," and "pursuit of beauty without reason."

Exhibition name:"A Distant Human Journey, The Unknown Year 3030-An Encounter Between Humans and Other Cultures"
Schedule:From June 15th to August 15th, 2023 (planned)
Venue:Virtual Museum "COCO WARP"

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