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"Tabiiko" published in the August issue of Discover Japan

The article about "Tabiiko," a tourist search site created by NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF), has been published in the August 2022 issue of the monthly magazine "Discover Japan" by Discover Japan Co., Ltd.

Due to the pandemic, the leisure industry, tourism and restaurants have suffered great damage. However, the demand for tourism is expected to increase significantly in the near future.

Therefore, this time ADF has launched "Tabiiko" tourism software to make travelers feel the charm of their destination and want to go there. Tabiiko contains functions that are not traditional leisure or tourism search websites.

【Function 1】
■ Each municipality can register and publish hidden local tourism resources.
In this way, you can find great tourism resources that are unknown in the world and known only locally.

【Function 2】
■ Tourists can easily grasp all categories of tourism resources in a community-wide way.
When you visit a tourist place, do you have trouble finding a nearby tourist place when you have a little time?

"Tabiiko" is mainly created by the municipalities. Most conventional websites are based on recommended attractions and genres, and the main focus is on "Where is it?", but "Tabiiko" is based on the place and the municipality. It is a website that can be easily searched with the awareness of "What's there?".

The August 2022 issue of Discover Japan will feature Tabiiko as well as local gastronomy to visit now and plans for summer excursions recommended by creators such as celebrity photographers. We hope you enjoy the issue.

■ Tabiico URL:
It was
■ Click here for the Tabiiko pamphlet for communities

■ Discover Japan August 2022: Click here for details and purchase.

"Tabiiko" is a new software that aims to meet tourism demand, which is expected to increase significantly in the near future, and has the feature of easily recording various categories of tourism resources based on communities. It is designed to find wonderful tourism resources that are not yet known to the world, so that travelers would like to know the charm of the destination and travel there. Check it out and make it your travel companion!

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