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ASA Winner of the 2019 International Design Competition visited Japan

NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) and GARDE Co., Ltd. brought Mr. Phornphong Yanyadech, the winner of the International Design Competition 2019 sponsored by The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA), to Japan.

The invitation was postponed due to the pandemic, and the winner finally arrived in Japan after several years. The ASA competition called for the fresh ideas in sustainability - approaches so radical, unanticipated, and transformative that they deserve the epithet 'uncanny." The competition aimed for applicants to present ideas that surprise, challenge our assumptions, and expand our view of what is possible.

The winner, Mr. Phornphong Yanyadech, who lives in Germany, submitted an entry titled "The Eternity Sustainability" with the subtitle ""A new type of eco-crematorium to reutilize our dead body back to nature" The jury unanimously chose this proposal because of its strong impact on society.

ADF and GARDE invited Mr. Yanyadech to Tokyo for research study and cultural exchange, and gave him the opportunity to visit various places.

Photo above: Shinichiro Misawa of GARDE (left), Phornphong Yanyadech (centre), Wataru Ishikawa of ADF (right)

In the future, Mr. Yanyadech will also publish a research report. Please look forward to it.

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