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Field report: ADF DESIGN AWARD 2023 Exhibition

From April 17 to 23, 2023", the works of the winners of the Best Performance and Excellent Award of "ADF DESIGN AWARD 2023", sponsored by the NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF), were presented to the world during the "Milan Design Week 2023". The exhibition was held as part of a reception party in conjunction with the "Milan Salone", the largest furniture and interior design fair.

The project "Oshida Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd." by Mr. Kazuhiko Mashiko, which won the Best Performance this time, was designed considering the snowfall in Toyama Prefecture, where the work is located, and also referred to the origin of the village called "scattered village" and the local house called Higashidachi. Its unique style, respecting the local climate and culture, was highly praised.

Mr. Masiko says he wants to create architecture that makes the place stand out while paying respect to the land. It seems that he wants to construct a building that increases the value of the land more than before the building was constructed.

Also, the award-winning work of Senthil Kumar Doss is a dining space and restaurant designed in an ecologically extremely sensitive place, maximizing the existing ecosystem using local ingredients. I used it and proposed a design that is unique to the site.

There was also commentary from himself, such as the current situation of building in a tropical rainforest environment, considering the impact of rainfall and other factors.

At the same time, there was an exhibition of excellent graduation projects from the Politecnico di Milano, organized every year in collaboration with the Milan Architects Foundation & Milan Architects Association.

Also, Consul General Toshiaki Kobayashi of the Consulate General of Japan at Milan also attended the awards party and delivered a speech in Italian. We would like to express our gratitude to him.

During the exhibition there was also a reception where we were welcomed by the guests, including the president of the group GARDE. In addition, many people attended the ceremony, including architects, major construction companies and brands, Japanese companies in Italy, etc., and we explained the purpose of this award. I made a plan.

Mr. Masiko, once again congratulations on winning the Grand Prize and holding an exhibition!

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