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【Ending Soon】Call for Entries of the 16th Edition of the International GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards

GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN AWARDS Worldwide Call-for-Entries of Its 16th Edition

The call for entries for the prestigious and highly regarded GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards is open for the 16th edition and for a third year internationally. The GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards is an international competition that recognizes the excellence and talent of creative professionals who have distinguished themselves through exemplary practices. Entries can be submitted online until April 1, 2023. ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum) is proud to support the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards as a media partner.

From Québec to the World

Created in 2007 in Montreal, the competition was for 13 years open exclusively to Quebec firms. Since 2020, it has been entirely open to international participants and the first two international editions saw candidates from more than 35 countries benefit from this opportunity.


The call for entries of the 16th edition is open to participants from all over the world and is intended for professionals as well as developers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and students in several disciplines and categories.


Construction & Real Estate
Interior Design
Landscape & Territories
Communication & Branding
Art & Photography


Entries are evaluated by a panel of experts. Leading professionals, prominent academics and influential members of the press from around the world use their know-how, experience and expertise to evaluate the excellence of the projects and products submitted. This elite multidisciplinary Jury of elite anchors the competition in its international reach and ensures the quality and prestige of the award that is the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards. The judging process takes place online and is based on a point system (1-100) that evaluates a set of criteria that are constantly updated and adapted to current professional standards and practices. Each project or product is evaluated based on its own characteristics.


Entries can be made online until April 1, 2023, on the portal in the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards section.

Discounted rate: June 15 until October 31, 2022
Regular rate: November 1st, 2022 until January 31, 2023
Final Rate: February 1st until April 1st, 2023
Gold certified projects and products will become finalists, eligible for the Platinum Winner Awards (1 per category), the Grand Winner Awards (Top50 Quebec and International) and the Awards of the Year (1 per discipline), which will be announced during the Gala evenings, two exclusive events held in September in Quebec City and in Montreal in October 2023.


The competition generates international recognition and advancement opportunities for all of its partners, candidates, finalists, and laureates. The contest is a gateway to extensive coverage, prestige and brand awareness, including the opportunity to be published, reach new markets and connect with a wide range of customers. Winners receive a lifetime license to use and integrate the contest logo into their own communications. Each entrant benefits from visibility on the portal, an online content platform promoting excellence in design and architecture. All images of the submitted projects and products, as well as the applicants' contact information, will be included free of charge in the GET INSPIRED search engine of the resourceful Web portal. Each certified and award-winning project and product will receive its own page in the CERTIFICATIONS & AWARDS section of the website GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN. The winners of the Platinum Award, the Grands Winners and the Award of the Year will be published, making the awarded projects and products known to a wider audience. INTÉRIEURS is distributed both on the Internet and in print to a wide range of professionals, companies and potential customers. Presence in this publication ensures sustained coverage and prestige for the winners.


Created in Montreal, UNESCO city of design, in 2007 and organized by PID Agency, the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards celebrates the work of creators who enhance the quality of our lives and of the built environment, as well as the public and private clients who entrusted them with their needs. Fostering the notion of appreciation and promotion of a quality design, the contest ensures professional recognition and international visibility to its participants. After 15 editions reserved to professionals with a place of business in Québec, the contest opens entirely to the world as of 2020 and adds new disciplines complementary to design, architecture and landscape. All categories are now open to candidates from Québec, Canada and the world.

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