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The Design Educates Awards Unveil Their List of Winners

The Design Educates Awards, which annually recognize the best projects that respond to complex social and environmental contexts and have educational value, have just announced the results of the 2022 edition. Winners were selected in four categories (architectural design, product design, universal design and responsive design). The NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) will also support the Design Educate Award starting this year.

Photo credit: Laka

The award-winning solutions include a variety of projects, from innovative installations solving the problem of water shortages in desert areas to bridges and artisan workshops combining tradition with modern designs. There was also an Emerging Designer label for the best student project and a Solarlux choice award. The founders and judges were truly moved by how many important and urgent problems the submitted projects responded to.

Winner of the year in Architectural Design - Timber Bridge in Gulou Waterfront - LUO studio
Photo credit: Jin Weiqi

Winner of the year in Product Design - Deployable Emergency Shelter - Henry Glogau Studio
Photo credit: Henry Glogau Studio

Winner of the year in Universal Design - BetaPort - Circular Building Technology On-Demand - Urban Beta UG
Photo credit: Urban Beta, Studio Naaro

Winner of the year in Responsive Design, Emerging Designer - Solar Desalination Skylight - Henry Glogau Studio
Photo credit: Henry Glogau Studio

Design Educates Awards in 2022
・400 entries from 30 countries
・43 winners
・Jury comprising 15 international experts, including Prof. Toyo Itō, Jette Cathrin Hopp, Prof. Winy Maas, Prof. Claudia Pasquero, and more.

2022 Jury members
Photo credit: Laka

For a complete list of the winners in all different categories, visit here.

Entries were judged on the following criteria: Overall idea and implementation, potential for educational influence, effectiveness and quality of informative layer, aesthetics, quality of presentation, visionary approach, originality, feasibility, and comprehensiveness. In addition, the ideas submitted had to relate to the theme of the award and highlight the educational potential of design.

Gold Prize in Architectural Design - Terra Cotta studio - Tropical Space
Photo credit: Hiroyuki Oki

Gold Prize in Product Design - Looop - Cheuk Laam Wong, Central Saint Martins
Photo credit: Larry Turner

The design that educates
Design that educates is a vast concept. Art, and therefore also architecture and design, do not always use messages written in black and white. Often their educational role is subtle but never meaningless. Educational projects are supposed to respond to social and environmental problems and bring us closer to sustainability. The "Design Educates Awards" recognize works that can change our behavior - and thus the world - even if this change is quiet and gradual. If you are a designer or architect who shares the values above, head to the Design Educates Awards website to learn about competition entry dates and prizes and submit your entry. The new 2023 edition is soon to be open for submissions.

Silver Prize in Responsive Design, Gold Prize in Universal Design - Coastalock - ECOncrete Tech Ltd
Photo credit: ECOncrete Tech Ltd

Silver Prize in Universal Design - The Inxect Suit - Pavels Liepins-Hedström
Photo credit: Pavels Liepins-Hedström

About The Design Educates Awards
The Design Educates Awards are organized by the Laka Foundation (a non-profit and non-governmental organization). The inspiration for the theme of the Awards comes from Dr. Peter Kuczia's research entitled Educating Buildings.

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