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Call For Entry! Arch20 Photography Challenge 2021

The Arch2O Photography Challenge 2021 international competition is ready for its first edition with big prizes for the top winners. Submit your architectural photo that conveys the sense of its place. The submission period runs from August 15 to December 14, 2021, and the winner will receive a special prize. Aoyama Design Forum has entered into a media partnership with Arch2O to further enhance the dissemination of information through content sharing.

The growing obsession with visual documentation gives us the opportunity to learn more about our architectural context. After we build, architecture rebuilds and frames our stories. Taking a photo of a building may be easy, but telling a story with it is a big challenge. How can we freeze these fleeting moments and convey the meaning of our culture? How can we tell stories through photography about the way we move around the city, inside buildings, or simply the way we perceive our surroundings?

Competition Brief
It is required to SUBMIT ONE PHOTOGRAPH that conveys the sense of place - whether by capturing how a building or group of buildings exists in its context, or how people and objects experience and interact with those buildings. The photograph can be taken anywhere in the world, at any scale, and from any angle. It can also frame a group of buildings, an entire building, or architectural details in close-up. Any photo that depicts architecture as the main element is eligible. The submission format should be 1 image with a minimum width of 2000 pixels (max file size 10mb) in JPEG format and a 150 word accompanying description. The single image should portray an existing building, interior space, architectural detail or group of buildings and can be taken with any camera or camera phone.

The award is promoted by Fotopro, an award-winning global brand that designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of photographic equipment for professional photographers.

Prizes For Top Winners
- Publication in Arch2O's Annual Feature "100 Photos About Architecture" : 100 finalists will be published in Special Annual Feature ( Jury Voting Top 50 & Public Voting Top 50 ) , distributed to Arch2O community including 100,000 newsletter subscribers and 2.5+ million social media followers.
- Fotopro 1st Prize : X-AIRCROSS 2, 2nd Prize : X-go HR Chameleon, 3rd Prize : Mogo FireKit

The Arch2O photo contest jury is composed of masters and leaders in the fields of architecture and photography interested in documenting our architectural context. The 100 finalists are selected by Arch2O's team of competition judges. The top 2 photos are then selected from these submissions by the expert jury.

Aldo Amoretti

Paul Clemence

Yener Torun

Darren Bradley

Fernando Guerra

Tom Blachford

Ema Peter

Paul Eis

Competition Deadlines and Entry Fees
- Opening Call for Entries August 15th, 2021
- Early Bird Registration: Enter before September 30, 2021(students | Non-Students )
- Regular Registration: Enter before November 8, 2021(students | Non-Students )
- Late Registration: Enter before December 14, 2021(Students | Non-Students )
- Jury & Public Voting: December 15, 2021
- Winner Announcement: February 2022

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