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Last Call for Entry! Cities Of Love Awards 2021

Cities Of Love Awards (COLA), established in August 2010, has launched the fourth edition of the award. To improve the quality of life and provide innovative solutions by individuals and companies that have contributed to the community, the award is now accepting submissions from all over the world. Aoyama Design Forum is proud to announce the partnership with COLA and will provide full support to the award.

The deadline for submission is June 30, 2021.

Award winners will be presented with a trophy and a certificate at the award ceremony. In addition, the award-winning works can be promoted internationally through the network of media partners of the Cities Of Love Awards (COLA).

Sustainability awards are often given to prominent figures such as government agencies, businesses and business leaders who have contributed to major reform projects. The impact is worthy and desirable, but on the other hand, we need to seek out and evaluate the contributions of individuals and small organizations.

About Cities of Love Awards (COLA)
COLA was established in Singapore in May 2017 as an award honoring the efforts of the general public and businesses. As the name implies, COLA is committed to contributing to love and care for the community, with the goal of innovative solutions that improve quality of life, work and play, both tangible and intangible communities. This award recognizes the attempts and innovative solutions that people and companies have made to contribute to. The award fairly judges all the actions that value positive contributions, regardless of the size of the project.

Mission: To recognize ground-up initiatives that help create sustainable cities.
Vision: Innovative cities with sustainable future in social, economic and environmental developments.

Projects should be submitted under one of the following three categories.

Building A Society That Lasts. Initiatives, actions or organisations that will sustain their social group or community in the long-term.

Building An Innovative Product. Business models or actions that balanced growth with contributions to the local economy and the welfare of the workforce who helped achieve it.

Building A Healthy Environment. Actions that create a sustainable and friendly environment, or help to protect and maintain an existing one.

Categories, Fee and Payments
o Individuals: Local SGD 105/ Overseas SGD 210 (USD160)
o Groups: Local SGD 313/ Overseas SGD 628 (USD510)
o Business: Local SGD 313/ Overseas SGD 628 (USD510)

o Call for entries: 28 July 2020
o Submission deadline: 30 June 2021
o Winners announced: August 2021
o Award ceremony October 2021

o Winners receive an exclusive trophy and certificate presented during the awards ceremony.
o Winners will have the opportunity to share and inspire others alongside COLA media partners.
o Award-winning projects may be connected to other global sustainability awards.
o Winners get to meet like-minded individuals and businesses that could be collaborators or provide funding for their next project.

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