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World Architecture Community Awards 36th Cycle Winners Are Announced

World Architecture Community has announced the winners of WA Awards 10+5+X 36th Cycle in Architecture, Interior Design and Student categories.

There are 49 different winning projects from 21 different countries with a fantastic mix of building types, spanning from China to South Korea, Australia to Vietnam.
ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum) supports WA Awards as a media partner.

Chicland Hotel In Danang by VTN Architects (c) Hiroyuki Oki & Ha Tien Anh

Architecture/Realised category
VTN Architects has won the WA Awards with 3 projects: Nocenco Cafe, Farming Kindergarten and Chicland Hotel In Danang
HPP International Turkey & Gerhard G. Feldmeyer's AND Kosyatağı from Turkey
Sanjay Puri's Aria Hotel from India
Yazgan Design Architecture's Longosphere Glamping from Turkey
Gianni Ranaulo Design's Mon Grand Plaisir from France

Living The Noom by Sanzpont Arquitectura (c) Sanzpont Arquitectura

Architecture/Designed category
Sanzpont Arquitectura's Living The Noom from Mexico
Studio Symbiosis' ID Origins from India
Domain Architects' Chengdong Elderly Nursing Home from China
Selim Senin's Observation Tower from Turkey
Niraj Doshi Design Consultancy's The House On The Hill from India

Safe House For Women And Children by Yen-Han Liu (c) Yen-Han Liu

Architecture/Student category
Yen-Han Liu's Safe House For Women And Children from India
Naheel Salloum's Mount Nebo Interpretation Center from Jordan
Maira Yasir's Mandra Brickworks: Defining The Hearth Of A Brickfield from Pakistan
Pappal Suneja's Cost Effective Habitat from India
Laila Qussai's Behind The Theater from Jordan
Yuxuan Cai's CONTINUANCE - An Island World Continues To Rise With The Sea Levels from Kiribati

SAVHE In Community- Atour S Hotel by BEHIVE Architects (c) BEHIVE Architects

Interior Design/Realised category
BEHIVE Architects' “SAVHE” In Community: Atour S Hotel from China
Kotaro Horiuchi's Fusionner 3.0 - Air House from Japan
JSARQ's Filippo Wood Oven from Costa Rica
Peihe Xie's Anbong Home from China
ATÖLYE's Sezin School - Primary School And Kindergarten from Turkey
Hui Hsin Cheng's POLO CAFÉ Hsinchu Big City from Taiwan

The Interior Redesign Project Of Mazandaran University by Seyed MohammadHossein Rahmati (c) Seyed MohammadHossein Rahmati

Interior Design/Student category
Seyed MohammadHossein Rahmati's The Interior Redesign Project Of Mazandaran University from Iran
Hanieh Lotfipour's The Village Of Life from Iran
Anirudha .S. Adivarekar's Arabian Sea Oceanarium: Place To Call Home For Marine Life from India

You may now consult all of the awarded projects at the World Architecture Community WA Awards Winners page.

The 37th Cycle of WA Awards is now open for submissions.
Details: How to Participate
Read more about WA Awards 10+5+X.

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