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ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2020 - Outstanding Performance Awards

■"Under Production, small scale mass production" by Mr. Daan Snippe
〜Creating a larger economical benefit for the small producer


Like most designers and small-scale producers, earning a living is a challenge. I decided to design a production method that would leave more room for financial prosperity, I call it :“small scale mass production”.

During my internship I was surrounded by companies operating with small scale production methods. I realized that the challenge of a self-employed designer is not only to come up with new designs, but to realize a profit while doing so. This problem led me to formulate my research question: “To which extent is the efficiency of large-scale production beneficial to
the small-scale producer in order to create something new?”. I researched the production methods of companies that operate on a large scale (mass production) to see if there were key aspects I could adopt and adapt, to design a new, more economic, production method.

Focusing on IKEA for its recognizability and their unique way of producing, I found that there were two aspects within their production method I could adopt. The first one being the price IKEA sells their products at, it is often cheaper than the material it is made of. The second aspect is their mentality of using as few materials, connection and hours as possible.

Sourcing materials from IKEA’s sales corner (‘Koopjeshoek’) I designed a production method which creates a fast product resulting in lower production costs and creating a unique aesthetic, high quality products, and individuality.

All products are built from the BACKABY couch of IKEA and wood which was, and is always, on sale. The variation in wood color and finishes creates an infinite amount possibilities.

Every item of the furniture collection can be assembled in less than an hour, depending on the scale of the production.The more items have to be made, the faster a single item is produced.

This work is meant both as a viable production method to create functional hand made design, as well as a concept that can be adopted by many fellow designers. It is guaranteed to create objects with aesthetical values, values that would have not happened using another production method.

This is the GIJSBRAND chair, standardizing every measurement (43 cm) and creating simple connections a two hour production method is achieved . The material costs of this chair is €25. Chairs are available in bundles of two, costing €499.

This is the EWOUD coffee table. Using the same production method, materials and connections as the GIJSBRAND chair it is produced withing one and a half hours, costing only €15 in material.

This is the AERT bookshelf and it is created with the same production method as the GIJSBRAND chair and the EWOUD coffee table. The material costs are €35.

【Comment on winning the award】

I am very honored to be chosen to win the Outstanding Performance Award. It is great to be recognized for my work by an organization like Aoyama Design Forum. I hope this work inspires people to approach design from a wider perspective, seeking out challenges and tackling them in new creative ways. Winning this award has given me the opportunity to reach a wider audience to share my ideas with, for this, I cannot be more grateful.

■"Luis 〜 from the cradle to the rocking chair" by Mr. Toshiki Yabushita


From the cradle to the rocking chair – deforming furniture “Luis”

Human grows rapidly, especially their early age growth is very quick.
Therefore, much baby furniture is used only for a short time.

That is when I thought of a piece of furniture which could grow along with human. Why not have furniture that could be used throughout your whole life?

I focused on the “rocking movement,” which is common in babies, children, and adults’ everyday life. This rocking chair “Luis” changes its fazes as a cradle, rocking horse, and a rocking chair by switching the belt position according to the usage of the seat and the backrest.

Using a belt as a seat and backrest fabric made it possible to change its shape depending on the usage.

【Comment on winning the award】

We live in a world full of things. It is not easy to stick to the same thing throughout your life. We eventually grow out of toys or clothes, even if you were found of them. But it might be possible to live a life together with the same furniture, by proposing a new perspective to build a relationship with things. This product carries this thought to pass on to my own child.

It is a great honor to receive this wonderful award for my product, which was conceptualized by my feelings for my child.
Although I currently work as a designer in Germany, I would like to output new possibilities out to the world through my design, regardless of region.


After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University with a Bachelor of Science and Engineering degree, I worked in marketing and graphic design field in Tokyo.
2013 Bachelor of Product Design, Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, Germany.
2014 Graduated fist on the list from Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle.
Studied basic bamboo craft skills under Tadashi Yagisawa, a bamboo crafter while in school.
2016 Proposed bamboo made products applying to modern life. The original business model was highly evaluated and acquired “BRUT” from the entrepreneur support program in Bremen, Germany.
Worked as a part-time teacher at a German art university.
Worked on projects at several German design offices listed below, simultaneously.
-Ole Grönwohld Spatial Design
-Saroshi - design of japan
-Christian Werner – Industrial Design
-henkels: gestaltet
-Simoleit Design

【Awards Received / Exhibition History】

2019 – Won the jury’s special recognition award at the 12th SHACHIHATA New Product Design Competition
2019 - Invited to exhibit at the International bamboo design masters exhibition in Yibin
2018 - Won a prize at the Plastic Design & Story Award 2018
2018 – Invited to exhibit at the BIOTOPIA-FEST „STOFF DER ZUKUNFT“ Museum Mensch und Natur 2018 – Invited to exhibit at the Asian Bamboo Life Art Exhibition Crafts Museum, China Academy of Art
2017 – Exhibited at Craftstil. Der Manufaktur Markt im stilwerk Hamburg
2015 – Won a prize at the IDEENLOTSEN BREMEN - BUSINESS AS UNUSUAL 2015
2014 – Exhibited at the Dutch Design Week 2014
2014 – Nominated for GiebichenStein Designpreis 2014
2013 – Won a runner-up prize at the eco japan cup 2012
2011 - Nominated for the 51st JAPAN CRAFTS EXHIBITION
2011 – Exhibited at the TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK 2011
2011 - Won the Japan-Germany Friendship award at the150th anniversary of Japan-Germany Relations ceremony.
2011 – Won the universal design award 2011
2010 – Nominated at the designpreis halle 2010
2009 - Nominated for Kyoto craftsmanship renaissance competition
2006 – Won a prize at the FIFA WM 2006-Mein erstes Mal in NRW

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