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Best Graduates Award 2018 of the Polytechnic University of Milan!

ADF(NPO Aoyama Design Forum) participated as one of the supporters in the Premio Neolaureati 2018 Awards ceremony of the Polytechnic University of Milan(Politecnico di Milano), which has produced prominent architects and designers such as Aldo Rossi, Gio Ponti, Renzo Piano, Gae Aulenti and others. ADF partners with the Milan Architect Foundation and the Milan Architects Association, and will invite the Premio Neolaureati 2018 Awards prize winner to Japan in 2019 for research studies and cultural exchanges!

A cemetery park in the former railway yard Farini in Milan, A revitalization proposal of a village on the Brescia hills, a reconversion project of an area in Copenhagen: These are the first three classified of the Newly Graduate Award 2018. To the first classified goes a monetary prize and the chance of an internship travel to Japan. Sixty is the number of selected thesis, and six is the number of the special mention.

The Newly Graduate Award, created by the Architect Order of Milan, aims to put in contact the authors of the most outstanding graduation thesis discussed the Polytechnic of Milan with the cultural and professional aspects of design, architecture, planning, landscape, conservation. The participation to the award is by proposal of the endorsed delegates of the Order to the academy commission at the Polytechnic University in Milan. Paolo Mazzoleni, President of the Order of the Architects of Milan said: “With this initiative the Order of the Architect of Milan wants to assert the civil, scientific and aesthetic role that the cultural aspect of a project and the quality of the architecture can and should play in our society and acknowledge the new talents that are showing up in the professional environment.

To the Award Ceremony held on December 12th The Award winner, the second and third classified, and the special mentions were announced. According to the jury,the quality of the ideas developed in the various areas was very high. The 2018 edition was supported by ADF.


Awarded to Sofia Paoli, Beatrice RogantiniPicco, and Simone Marchetti, authors of the thesis “Last Landscape- a park cemetery in the Farini railway yard”. Reason of the prize: “for the overall approach to the solution and quality of the project, by smartly detailing an unusual theme, for the value of the architectural composition, and for the gentleness of the graphical representation. The reason was explained by the jury, composed by Alessandro Trivelli, Director of the board of the Order and the Foundation of the Architects of Milan, Yukio Ishiyama – ADF / Garde, Paola Nicolin – Domus, Luisa Bocchietto – president WDO 2017-19, Enrico Molteni – Architect.

Second Prize

Received EUR1,000 award. The thesis of Daniele Bonetti titled “Secondi Tempi”. The reason of the prize: “for the balance, attention, and quality of the project that beyond the limited area of the scope of work is able to communicate the respect of the territory, the ability to interpret the territory, and the will to achieve a high level of detail.

Third Prize

The third classified was awarded EUR500. It is the thesis of Greta Caterina Malavolti, “Søminedepotet, As Found”- a project for a movie shooting set theatre in Copenhagen. The reason of the prize: “Because of the integration reached between the building and the surrounding landscape, for the Architectural quality and the dimensional control reached by the composition.

The President of the Order of the Architect of Milan concluded the ceremony by explaining that the Jury have acknowledged a high level and conceptual quality of the developed ideas of the several themes. The awards took into consideration also the content, the technical development and the communication quality.


・Luisa Bocchietto, President World Design Organization
・Yukio Ishiyama, President GARDE Italy
Enrico Molteni, Architect
・Paola Nicolin, editor-at-large Domus
・Alessandro Trivelli, counselor Order of Architects PPC of the Province of Milano and his Foundation

Congratulations to the winners|Congratulazioniaivincitori!

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