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Winners of ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019 Announcement!

We are pleased to announce the winners of ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019.
A meeting of ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2019 Excellence Award Selection Committee was held at Milan, Italy.
This year 1 Best Performance Award winner and 2 Outstanding Performance Award winners were selected.

Here are the winners and the review from the judge follows.

■Best Performance Award
The food chosen as an element of meeting and conviviality. The sense of the slab and the bento box, containers for transporting food typical of the culture of Milan and Tokyo, revives in an essential modular system, dismountable and transportable, which generates a place for meeting and hospitality. The project interprets the theme of portability by expanding a transportable object par excellence in a physical space. The structure is simple, easy to manufacture and assembly / disassembly, easily usable both outside and inside. It combines Japanese culture with Italian culture in a captivating way, using elements of traditional culture - the bento box and the slab - to meet the contemporary city's need to create spaces in which to isolate and socialize.

■Outstanding Performance Award winners
Furnitures made from a sheet / Yuichiro Morimoto
Three furniture objects take shape from the folds of a sheet of flexible material. The Japanese art of origami is interpreted to give life to the essential elements of a work or relaxation environment: a lamp, a chair and a support for books and magazines (or tablets). In a few gestures these objects can return to the two dimensions to be easily transported or stored. It is an idea of more advanced and contemporary portability, which goes beyond the possibility of moving typical of each piece of furniture. The two-dimensionality makes it possible to store these objects, for example in a closet, freeing up space for different settings even in very small rooms.

h y d e / Paolo Giacomazzi
The illusion of being watched and listened to by everyone who gives us digital technology becomes the object of a disenchanted design reflection. The outcome is a contemporary interpretation of the London Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park: a raised chair, a megaphone, a protective panel and a curtain that calls attention to give voice to every individual. The project interprets with intelligence and irony the tendency of the contemporary man to express his opinion to the world through technological devices, bringing the action back to a physical and spatial dimension that remembers its real meaning.

•Best Performance Award work will exhibit at ADF exhibit space in Milano Salone.

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