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ADF Art Gallery Project Vol.23 "Earth of Beauty" by Tomoaki Kirino

Image:©Kirino Tomoaki

ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum) will hold a photo exhibition "Earth of Beauty" as the 23rd art exhibition "ADF Art Gallery Project" from May 1, 2023 (Monday) to May 8, 2023". This exhibition will feature about 15 works, including representative works and new works from their photo collection. We hope you will enjoy it.

Image:©Kirino Tomoaki

Mr. Kirino says that when he looks at the landscape, he feels various connections with nature and a single life (energy body) between him, the earth and the universe. It is said that it is the way people and nature resonate with each other, such as the appearance of Japanese people who have lived through the four seasons, and the culture that is cultivated in history and climate.
He says, "I want to capture eternity in the moment of photography"

Mr. Kirino also says that when he sees the landscape in front of him, he is close to nature and feels that nature has painted it for him. By incorporating this impression into a photograph, he wants to express in a single image the magnificence of the beauty of nature, which is composed of the darkness and light of nature and the variety of colors as a force of life.
Look at the 15 works as if you were traveling.

Above two image:©Kirino Tomoaki

Profile Tomoaki Kirino
Born in 1962, made his debut as a musician with Columbia Records in 1985. Then studied photography on his own and pursued his own unique worldview. Under the motto "Eternity dwells in a moment," he began his work as a photographer to convey the beauty of the earth and the landscape of Japan to future generations. His works, taken using the same method as filming without relying on a computer, stimulate the viewer's imagination and invite them into a unique world of beauty.
In 2013, he was selected for the Canon Corporate Calendar World Edition and has exhibited his works in numerous venues such as museums. He presented his works at Palazzo Medeci Riccardi in Florence and at the Milan Expo.
While expanding his field of activity worldwide, he also appears on television and gives lectures on the theme "Connection with nature and the splendor of life" He is also involved in disaster relief and as a volunteer for the Autism Society.
Special representative for tourism of Kochi Prefecture
- Photo album -
- "Sedona: Into the Land of Wonders" (Kodansha)
- "Japan: Beauty of Vision" (Kodansha)
- "Earth: Visionary Landscape of Beauty" (Kochi Shimbun)

Mr. Kirino has been my friend for 40 years, and now I enjoy his activities as a fan.
He still has the same "too pure" sensibility as 40 years ago, which seems strange to me.
But I think that's why he's able to capture such moments.
And his photos are like paintings waiting for that moment...
Instead of relying on a computer, the image is captured like a drawing.

His works can only be found in photo books and exhibitions in Kochi Prefecture.
Then let us have an exhibition of his works in Tokyo!
At that time, I had a connection with Aoyama Design Forum and decided to organise this exhibition.
Please be sure to experience the unique "fantasy landscape of the beauty of the earth" that can only be created by him.

Isao Matsui of Beautech Lab Corporation

Image:©Kirino Tomoaki

ADF Art Gallery Project Vol.23 Tomoaki Kirino "Earth of Beauty"
Date: May 1 (Mon) to May 8 (Mon), 2023
Opening hours: 10:00-18:00
Venue: GARDE Gallery (ALLIANCE Building 4F, 5-2-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
admission free
Tomoaki Kirino Official Website:

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