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ADF Art Gallery Project Vol.21 Cork Lab Manga Senka 7th Graduation Exhibition “Challenge”

As the 21st Art Exhibition "ADF Art Gallery Project", ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum) will hold the Cork Lab Manga Special Course 7th Graduation Exhibition "Challenge" from Saturday, March 25, 2023 to April 3, 2023 (It will be held until May). This is the first graduation exhibition of "Cork Labo Manga Senka", which has produced many popular authors with over 100,000 followers on SNS.

In this exhibition, the stories of award-winning authors will move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional worlds, and it will be interesting to see what kind of story you can imagine through the "main character" of the work. In addition to a card game where you can improvise a story with the participants, we will also offer many events such as live painting and watercolor sketching, where you can see the artist's production site. Enjoy the world of creation that goes beyond the two-dimensional frame. The artistic direction is contemporary artist Ouma, who has participated in 13 art programs in 10 countries around the world.

Participating artists and events
Mijinko "Impro x Card Game"
March 25 (Sat) 15:30-17:30 Simultaneous participants: about 10 people play an improvised theater game with original cards. A cooperative communication game where the other participants guess the words written on the cards they receive while improvising. Since it is necessary to guess the other party's feelings, it can be useful for improving team communication skills.

Mijinko / Ouma(オーマ)
A former veterinarian from Tokyo. While working in the clinic, Mijinko / Ouma gave more than 100 paintings of animals to the families of patients. The small paintings touched these people so much that the veterinarian began to take an interest in art. Mijinko / Ouma begins to wonder if there is a way to fulfill the essence of a veterinarian's work, "healing the human heart," through art. Mijinko / Ouma began to wonder if there is a way to fulfill the essence of the work of a veterinarian, "healing the human heart"," through art. Since 2016, Mijinko / Ouma has participated in 13 artist-in-residencies around the world, including Swatch Art Peace Hotel (Shanghai), ACCR-ODYSSEE ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCY PROGRAM 2018 (France), and Danish Art Workshops (Denmark). Based on the unit's experiences traveling around the world, Mijinko / Ouma proposed the concept of "social therapy" that combines earlier views on life with medicine. Through their works, Mijinko / Ouma explore the optimal relationship between man and society.

Kasumibotan “Live Painting! Manga Artist Live Shuraba!
Kasumibotan, a hot-blooded 7th generation manga artist, demonstrates a cork version of "Manben" drawing manuscripts in real time.
April 3 (Mon) 10:00-15:00

Kasumibotan was born in 1972 and lives in Saitama Prefecture. In 2022, when turned 50, the artist began publishing her own manga, and in November of that year she debuted as a manga artist with her essay comic. Kasumibotan wants to be an author who draws love stories regardless of gender, and stories about loving and affirming the qualities you can not change. Kasumibotan is currently publishing the "Otaku na Otaku" series in Nista (Shufunotomosha).

Hihimimii "Demonstration! Watercolor Sketch on Location" Portrait & Call for Requests
On-site sketching of inquiries and portraits of people who have modeled.
March 25 (Sat) 15:00-16:00 April 3 (Mon) 15:00-16:00

Hihimimii lives in Chiba Prefecture. She is the head of the Nishikawa painting school. After dropping out of Musashino Art College, she explored the mixed technique of egg tempera and oil painting, exhibiting mainly in solo shows. Wanting to draw a series of paintings with more emotions and stories, she copied many old illustrations and sets of "Les Miserables" and turned to picture books and comics in 2016. Her main works include "The Enchanted Palais Royale," a large square that was the stage of the French Revolution, "Hans' Summer Vacation," based on "Under the Wheel," "Off to the Ranch! "Mei and the Animals at the Ranch," a project, and "Friccio's Play with Sound," a picture book biography of Chopin as a child. She is currently working on a manga version of "The Chopin Children," using a combination of pencil, watercolor, and digital techniques. Her goal is to create entertaining stories full of intellectual curiosity, such as history, trivia, and people's lives.

Kagewasabi lives in Tokyo. She is a manga artist born in 1995. In his previous job, he was in charge of designing a FP consulting service, so he is good at making comics about money. Currently, I mainly produce essay comics and advertising comics. In October 2022, she won the Withnews x Komichi Collaboration Grand Prize.

Soramiya Amy
Soramiya Amy is from Tokyo and lives there. She works part-time creating manga and illustrations. In 2020, she won the Editor-in-Chief Award for "Morning's Reading Frame, Vacancy 2nd." She says she wants to make a living drawing comics that entertain people under the motto "Food for Life."

Imatomo Hiro
Imatomo Hiro is from Ibaraki Prefecture and lives there. He was born in 1976. In 2022, he suddenly decided to continue painting for the rest of his life. His life's work is to "visualize" the exuberant truth, goodness and beauty of the world through illustrations and comics. He explores pictorial expressions that convey sound, movement and emotion. Through his creation and sympathy, he wants to transform myself and the world into something more beautiful.

Youki-na-Ojisan is a freelance artist living in Kansai. Youki-na-Ojisan started the business in July 2021 and won a special prize in the official GENSEKI "New Short Story Image Illustration Contest" in March 2022. Youki-na-Ojisan is currently participating in her WEBTOON works such as 'What is Marriage?' and 'Goddess Produce', developing a different style for each of works.

Natsumi Matsushima
Natsumi Matsushima was born in Hiroshima Prefecture and lives in Tokyo. She is in charge of creating the name for the WEBTOON work "Sacrifice Princess's Poison is Melted by the Hero's Love". She is currently engaged in the production of work cartoons and naming. She likes to depict how she grows from setbacks, and is currently producing personal series and read-only pieces.

Airi Yajima
Airi Yajima is from Tokyo and lives there. She designs original manga and essay manga with a loose and unbound pattern and style, and in the final project of the manga special course, she will do a double serialization of the work, using her special Korean language. She also likes illustration and character creation, and while she was a student at Chuo University, she designed the mascot character "Chuu Ouji" for her alma mater. She is loved by many current students and alumni.

Fukunon is a former nurse who lives in Tokyo. Fukunon is the Tokiwaso Project OB. The artist wrote an essay about how people deals with their families and won the 14th New Comic Essay Petit Grand Prize in the first round. Fukunon updates the illustrations and manga on SNS and on the artist's blog.

Hagu Suzuki
Hagu Suzuki draws cartoons for office workers. The artist won the Chiba Tetsuya Award 72 times for "To: God." also won the 30th Omoide Shokudo Newcomer Award Encouragement Award. Hagu Suzuki appears irregularly in series / Koru and others.

Rito Sakuragi
Rito Sakuragi lives in Ishikawa Prefecture. She graduated from Yoyogi Animation Academy Kanazawa. She won a prize at a girls manga magazine and has experience as an assistant to a manga artist. Mainly at IYN Gallery in Osaka, she participates in exhibitions and holds solo shows. Her solo exhibition will be held around October 2023. Her style of analog drawing is gentle, warm and soothing to the heart.

Saotome Yuki
Saotome Yuki is a grade B manga illustrator, part-time fortune teller, skilled healer, and mother of two. She has experience as a ghostwriter for a manga artist. In advertising, she was Akiko Oshima and serialized the manga Kame. When she is 65 years old, she hopes to have painted everything she wants to paint.

Ryosai lives in Tokyo. The artist enjoys creative activities, especially manga and comic illustrations. Currently Ryosai is interested in saunas.

Date: March 25 (Sat) to April 3 (Mon), 2023
Reservation: March 26, 2023, April 2, 2023, full reservation system / reservation via Twitter
Opening: March 25, 2023 (Sat) 15:00 - 17:45
Opening hours: 10:00-18:00 (15:00-18:00 on March 25, until 16:00 on April 3)
Venue: GARDE Gallery (ALLIANCE Building 4F, 5-2-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Admission Free

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