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ADF Art Gallery Project Vol.13 "My Paintings by Yoshio Nakajima 3"

The 13th ADF Art Gallery Project features "My Images of Yoshio Nakajima 3" by Sakae Okatomi, who is a photographer.

"My paintings by Yoshio Nakajima 3"
"Peace in Ukraine"
Pax is Latin for "peace".
May peace be with you
Pax is also the theme that Mr. Nakajima makes a pillar of his production activities.

Profile of Sakae Okatomi
A photographer who continues to make images of Yoshio Nakajima, a painter who is a friend and has a genius / genius, with his own worldview. He was
He began using the camera in 1971 under the influence of his parents and studied commercial art at a university in the United States. After working at Dentsu, Teichiku Records and Furukawa Mining, he joined Toppan Printing in 1990. He retired from the company in 2019 and now works as a corporate public relations photographer and freelancer. As the exclusive cameraman for Nakajima-san, he continues to film performance activities, solo exhibition activities in Europe, and activity recordings in Japan, including Sweden, where he is based.

Yoshio Nakajima Profile
A painter living in Sweden. Yoshio Nakajima was born in 1940 in Saitama Prefecture. He yearned for Van Gogh and moved to Tokyo with the goal of becoming a painter. In the year of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, he travelled to Hong Kong, selling paintings at his performances, and crossed the Eurasian continent to begin his activities in Europe. He is an artist who collaborated with the Cobra School (art movement) and achieved many successes.
Works: Japan [Saitama Museum of Modern Art, Nichido Museum, University of Human Arts and Sciences, etc.] Overseas [Antwarp Museum, Stockholm Museum of Modern Art, Auckland Museum, Berlin National Gallery, New York University, etc.] The works are exhibited in more than 100 places around the world. ... Major works - "Another Sun", "Love from the Earth", "Flowers of Light" and many more.

Period: April 17, 2022 (Sun) --April 24 (Sun) 12: 00-16: 00
Venue GARDE Gallery
Address 5-2-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo ALLIANCE Building 4F
Free admission

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