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A sponsor follow up from CCAIA Design award 10/04/18

We at ADF wishes you with the Best Season’s Greetings.It has been more than a couple months after our sponsorship participation at CCAIA Design award ceremony on October 4th.Please check our ADF ( Aoyama Design Forum: for your design idea network expansion.

ADF was established in 2009, as a nonprofit organization(NPO), with aim of improving education and culture related to design by building a wide range of world-wide networks between organization and individuals that share related information.

The useful information that ADF has provided to all of Designers and architects :
1. Design News
2. Business Information
3. Education and Training
4. Job Information

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Web magazine announcement

Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) was established in 2009, as a nonprofit organization, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of education and culture related to design by building a wide range ofnetworks with domestic and international organizations and citizens through collection of variousinformation related to design and information dissemination. To enhance our activities, ADF has launched the web magazine site. We hope that we can provide design trends and a unique andmultifaceted perspective on expressions and designs around the world. If you have interest, pleasecheck the following URL.



Garde presents a new furniture collection during Salone del Mobile.

Aoyama Design Forum will showcase the works of the winners of a design competition based on the interaction of lighting and Japanese cuisine. The three winners, Chihiro Nakamura, Toshiyuki Kawada and Shinya Miura will exhibit their works in Garde’s showroom. Everyone is invited to attend the tea ceremony demonstration on the 18th and 19th of April among innovative modern furniture and lighting designs in celebration of spring.

Exhibition: 14-19 April (10:00 - 20:00)
Tea ceremony: 18 April 2015 (14:00 - 16:00), 19 April 2015 (11:00-13:00)
Location: Garde Showroom 1F, via Tortona 37, Milan, Italy T. +39 02 7800 21
For more information about Salone del Mobile, please visit


Seasonal events in collaboration with Garde Italy in Milan

Aoyama Design Forum has organized several events in collaboration with Garde Italy at the Garde office in Milan. These events are based on the Japanese culture and cuisine.



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