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    DFA Design for Asia Awards 2024 calls for Entries!
The DFA Design for Asia Awards 2024, hosted by the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) with media partnership from the NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF), will accept entries until June 30.

As a supporting organization, we are pleased to offer you a discounted entry fee of HKD 1,980 per entry for registrations made after the discount period (May 15 to June 30). Please enter the discount code when submitting your entry. Click "Details" to obtain the code.

Trend Reports
Get Ready for ARCHIDEX 2024
ARCHIDEX, Malaysia's largest architecture exhibition, will be held for the 23rd consecutive year from July 3-6 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and is poised to transform the industry with the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies. NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) is supporting the event as one of its media partners.

Trend Reports
The Design of the New Sanxingdui Museum
The Sanxingdui relic site, located 40 kilometers north of Chengdu on the banks of the Yazi River and west of Guanghan City,holds a civilization that dates back 4,800 years. It has yielded tens of thousands of exquisite cultural relics through archaeological excavations. Sanxingdui occupies a significant position in the realm of bronze culture globally and is renowned as the “source of Yangtze River civilization”. In November 2019, the exploration and excavation of the Sanxingdui site recommenced, leading to the discovery of several national treasure-level cultural relics within the six newly-found artifact pits. This momentous find once again astounded the world, signifying a new era in Sanxindui archaeology.

Trend Reports
【ADF Web Magazine】The Architectural Alchemy of Fostering Community Connections
Architect Nader Sammouri discusses how architecture shapes social interactions, emphasizing spaces like parks and public buildings as catalysts for community cohesion and identity. Examples like the Berlin Wall and Sagrada Familia illustrate how architecture can either divide or unite communities, highlighting its profound influence on cultural narratives and societal connections.

Trend Reports
【ADF Web Magazine】Architecture Hunter Awards 2024 is now accepting entries
Celebrating over a decade of inspiring design professionals, Architecture Hunter launches the first Architecture Hunter Awards (AHA). This initiative embodies our passion for architecture and its transformative power on urban landscapes and human experiences. AHA spotlights and honors contributions that redefine our built environment and significantly impact the architectural domain. Architecture Hunter invites architects, students, photographers, filmmakers, and enthusiasts worldwide to participate in AHA, celebrating architectural excellence globally, and recognizing both established and emerging talents. AHA accepts projects up to 10 years old across 28 different categories. Entries for the Architecture Hunter Awards 2024 are open until August 25th.

Trend Reports
【ADF Web Magazine】Private Residence like a 5-star Hotel in the Desert by Daniel Joseph Chenin
Daniel Joseph Chenin crafts a cinematic residence in 20000-sf width, blending architecture and art, that serves as a family-centered hideaway on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. The client, a prominent couple, decided to leave their Hidden Hills home in Southern California to plant roots in Las Vegas, their focus was on family connections. Arriving at a pivotal point in their active lives, the clients wanted a house that could function as a fully-accommodating gathering space for the entire clan during holidays and seasonal visits, but which would also provide them with a retreat for themselves.

2024 Kyoto Global Design Awards Call for Submissions
Amidst the dynamic backdrop of 2024, as the world's gaze converges on the pursuit of sustainable well-being and the effortless fusion of state-of-the-art AI technology, the 2024 Kyoto Global Design Awards (KGDA) warmly invites creative designers and inventors from every corner of the globe. The central theme for this year revolves around achieving a harmonious union of aesthetics and sustainability, prompting creators to craft compelling, environmentally conscious, and socially impactful masterpieces. The NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) actively backs the Kyoto Global Design Awards as a media partner.

Registration: Now to August 31th, 2024

Call for works on the ADF Art x Design EC website
NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF) has launched the ADF Art x Design EC site to promote artists and designers further. Based on the concepts of "Your Art & Design Can Color Someone's Life," "Making Art & Design Accessible" and "Bring Colorfulness To Your Space," we hope that everyone can enjoy art and design more easily and add color to their lives.

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