DFA Awards 2021 Announced the Winners: DFA Lifetime Achievement Award 2021
The winners of the DFA Awards 2021, which attracts attention as one of the most prestigious design awards in Asia, have been announced. The DFA Awards 2021 recognises the outstanding contributions to the design industry. ADF (NPO Aoyama Design Forum) proudly supports DFA Awards 2021 as a media partner.

The GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards 2022 Call For Entries!
The GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards celebrate and reward the work of designers and architects who improve our quality of life and the built environment, and the private and public clients who entrust them with their design aspirations. ADF(NPO Aoyama Design Forum) proudly supports the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Awards 2021 as a media partner.

Trend Reports
Interior design with Japanese elements by the Russian designer Fedina Alena
Russian designer Fedina Alena, who designs homes and public facilities, has unveiled a newly designed living space that incorporates elements of Japanese culture. Taking into account the thoughts of the clients who live in the apartment, a new worldview was created that incorporates traditional Japanese style and the idea of "minimalism". The apartment is located in the heart of Kaliningrad, a port city on the Baltic Sea in western Russia, and has open windows overlooking the city.

Aoyama Design Club is looking for new creative members for its coworking space in Omotesando, Tokyo!
GARDE, an interior design company that provides innovative designs in every field, has established and started a new type of community, "Aoyama Design Club", with an art gallery in Omotesando. With the concept of "creators connecting the world", they are looking for creative members with diverse backgrounds to join us at their coworking space.

Trend Reports
【ADF Web Magazine】“Warming Huts: a decade + of art and architecture on ice” Published by Dalhousie Architectural Press
A book about the international competition "Warming Hat" has been published by Dalhousie Architectural Press. This is a unique prize that invites entries for warming hats (a hut to warm up in snowy mountains and skating rinks) as art installations from around the world. The organizers of the competition select outstanding works based on the use of materials, function as a shelter, collaboration and creativity for the landscape.

Trend Reports
【ADF Web Magazine】IDIBC Announces 2021 Awards of Excellence Recipients
The Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC) has announced the distinguished recipients of its 2021 Awards of Excellence. The Awards are open to all registered interior designers (RID) in British Columbia and honor individuals who have submitted exceptional interior design projects.

Trend Reports
【ADF Web Magazine】A Digital Totem for the Canary Islands Beach by LPA Studio Recognized with Prestigious Pirzes
The digital totem, designed for the waterfront of Spain's most famous tourist destination, was recently awarded the Architizer A+Product Award 2021 and the Grand Prix du Design Awards 14th Edition 2021 Gold. Planning and design firm LPA Studio created the design for the Totem.

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